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Genus Project 2.0 Update

Genus Baby 2.0

I was not waiting for the Genus Project mesh head update because I haven’t worn it since the end of 2020. Then I saw a notice recently that there was an update, so I wondered if all of the previous issues with the HUD and eyes were resolved. When I first tried on the Genus Project Baby mesh head back in April 2019, I liked it a lot and it became my main head for over a year, even though it had issues from the start! Those issues were never updated, so eventually customers and brands flocked to other brands.

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Voguel Skin


Are you into hyper-realistic skins in Second Life? I normally wear smooth skins without imperfections, but then I visited Voguel and found a new skin that’s just adorable, even with pores and freckles! The imperfections really adds character, and it’s not too much, it’s still very soft and pretty. I’m wearing the Voguel Mia skin in Chantilly 2 skin tone. This tone matches well with a Pink Fuel body skin, or you can wear Velour (but I have not found a Velour skin tone that I like yet).

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Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit

Happy Sunday! I remembered that I bought this beautiful Maitane (Pitaya) dress from Belle Epoque a while ago, and it was perfect for the coastal region of Quash – Mediterranee. The sleeves are so fluffy and big on this dress, making it a real statement piece!

Glam Affair SkinsGlam Affair Skins
Glam Affair – Diane Skin
Before & After (with add-on makeup)
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LeLutka Vivian Mesh Head

LeLutka - Vivian Mesh Head

I was not expecting to try another mesh head so soon after Ubon, but I could not resist trying on this LeLutka Vivian head at Skin Fair. This event opens on March 10th, but you can join the Juniper Events group to gain early access. I’m a blogger, so I gained entry through SL Bloggerati and was able to go a little earlier for the media preview. I really appreciate when events have early access groups for people that aren’t official bloggers. More events and brands should utilize media preview groups to get even more coverage.

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LeLutka Raven; free mesh head

LeLutka Raven
Wearing LeLutka Raven + avarose Raven skin

Joy to the grid! I look forward to the month of December for all of the fabulous events and free gifts. My inventory is exploding from Shop and Hop. Just when I think I’m all caught up, the LeLutka Holiday Special begins and there are gifts from 54 designers. The event ends on December 30th, so you have a few days left to get the gifts before they’re gone. Check out the Seraphim shopping guide for a closer look at the items.

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eBody Reborn w/ Juicy Boobs

Aurelias Garden
Photo taken at Aurelias

Is something different about me today? Am I looking more well-endowed than usual? You may have noticed these Juicy Boobs making an appearance on the grid lately. I was intrigued by the name’s similarity to JuicyBomb* (my brand), so I decided to investigate.

*JuicyBomb has no affiliation with Juicy Boobs, but if they want to give me 10%, I’m in!

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Do you love hair and a good cause? Hair Fair begins today and runs through Sunday, July 10th. This annual event has been going on for as long as I’ve been in Second Life, and I look forward to it every year. Before you go, check out the shopping guide and join the free Hair Fair demo group to try on all of the hairstyles!

Paste secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about into local chat in world or search for Hair Fair DEMO group to join.

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Second Life’s 19th Birthday!

Gogo @ SL19B

Hello from SL19B! This year’s Second Life birthday celebration is shaping up to be one of the best yet. I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to wear the Pathos Skirt & Blouse from toksik, and this is it! I just checked the date, and this was purchased in March 2021. I’ve been considering wearing it for over a year. I went to a couple of the main attractions at SL19B, and the Tapestry of Time was my favorite.

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Aurelias Easter Egg Hunt & Spring Market

Aurelias in Spring

Hello from Aurelias! Today is the first day of the Easter Egg Hunt! Come hunt eggs hidden all over the region for goodies from your favorite brands and browse the Spring Market from April 10th to April 20th. We are hosting the first Easter Egg Hunt to commemorate the Aurelias region’s transition from Winter to Spring. We’re looking forward to having a good time and allowing visitors to explore Aurelias. While you’re on the region, join the Aurelias Events group; we’ll send out hints for the hunt in the coming days.

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