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Second Life Promotion

Second Life has several promotion packs available on right now for a free vehicle and free Lindens ($1000L)!! This promotion is available to current and new Second Life residents from the U.S. I just signed into my account, bought the Starter Vehicle Pack for $0, and got my free money!! If you buy the more expensive packs, you’ll have to spend more money (they’re not free), but you get more Lindens back.

Head on over to the Official Second Life forum to get all the details.

Second Life Promotion

Weekend Deal: Free “Second Life” Starter Pack ($9.95 Value) – LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER
From now until January 6, 2013, get a Vehicle Starter Pack
for “Second Life” absolutely free. Normally $9.95, this pack includes 1,000 Linden Dollars (virtual currency) and a designer hoverboard. Use your virtual currency to customize your avatar with high-quality clothing or characters, weapons or other enhancements. Show off your moves with a unique hoverboard that lets you skim across land, water or sky. LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER. Learn more.

Second Life Promotion

I’m still waiting for my free Vehicle to arrive, but I the Lindens were deposited to my Second Life account right away.

After you add the Starter Vehicle Pack to your cart, you will be asked to login to your Second Life account to “link” it to Amazon. You can go back into your Amazon account later, and delete the Linked Account if you don’t want it stored on your Amazon account.

Second Life Promotion

Some restrictions: You must have a Credit Card on file at Amazon to check out. This promotion is available to U.S. residents only, at this time.

Update! Hot tip from Jolene of Next Pointless Trend:

Any NON-US residents looking to get the deal. If you already have your CC info on your Amazon account, just change your billing address to a US one and you’ll have no problem. This works because I just did it and I had to do it before to purchase something else. So ask one of your American friends if you can use their address or just use LL’s office address lol.

Update again! Within hours of going live, the promo is gone.

Currently unavailable
We don’t know when or if this item will be available again.

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Do you have an iPad? Do you use it for SL? My friend showed me a screen shot of her iPad last year, and it was able to run SL pretty well, to accept inventory, chat with friends list, and walk around, etc.

I use my iPad to watch movies, play games, and surf the web, but I haven’t downloaded the SL app yet!

What’s your favorite iPad app? Mine is the Magic Piano app by Smule. I’m obsessed with playing my favorite songs on here, and trying to get a perfect score!

Gogo’s new Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

I’ve been updating less frequently this week cos I’ve been super busy, and also, my old mouse was giving me major hand cramps! It was small and uncomfortable, so I splurged on a new Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball mouse! This is my first mouse with a trackball, so I’m still getting use to it, but so far I really like the larger size, it’s so comfortable and the design is so sleek!

I’ve recently set up an Amazon affiliate shop page, so if you guys want to read more about the Logitech mouse or purchase one for yourself, please support my site by purchasing from the link below! Thank you! <3