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Bakes On Mesh

Bakes On Mesh

Didn’t I warn that Bakes On Mesh was coming? I did. I said this was going to force mesh head makers to revert their UV maps back to standard SLUV, too, because everyone is going to start using standard skins more and more now. If you are a mesh head developer and your heads don’t adhere to standard SLUV, get on it. You will lose money eventually because customers are going to want to wear whatever skin they want with whatever head they buy.

So, what the hell is Bakes On Mesh?

Bakes on Mesh (yes, plural, according to this SL wiki page) is a new feature in Second Life that automatically “bakes” your standard skins and tattoo layers to your mesh bodies and heads. Whenever you switch skins or wear different layers of tattoos on your body, your mesh will automatically update your look without you having to do anything.

Over time, there will be less and less dependency on applier routers like Omega, because now Second Life’s system is the applier. However, you’ll want to check with your mesh body maker to be sure their body is BoM ready. If it isn’t, they should be updating soon.

Only certain SL clients can render Bakes On Mesh, too. If you want to be absolutely sure you can see the new feature, head over here to download the official Second Life client.

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Cosmetic Fair / Gachalicious

cheLLe - Artemis

New sheer tattoo eyeshadows from cheLLe! cheLLe – Artemis features sheer and soft eyeshadows, great for layering and mixing-and-matching! You can layer any colors in this set to create a new color!

cheLLe - Artemis II

cheLLe – Artemis II is a bolder and brighter color palette. These eyeshadows are only available in our gacha machine at Cosmetic Fair, and it’s only $20L per play! Collect the entire set, or share with your friends! See you at the fair!

cheLLe @ Cosmetic Fair / Gachalicious (September 15th – 30th)

Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral

The Gen-Neutral event is opening tomorrow! I was excited to participate in this fair because it has to do with a subject that’s close to my heart. Everyone did a great job on their items, and there are a lot of great fashion choices available.

So–what do I have to relate to about this event? I’m genderfluid. Most of the time I present as a woman. But every now and again, I switch to male. I usually allow this to manifest by mask art and going under a male alt in SL, because I am very curvy in real life, but I am too happy with my body to want to transition and become a man. I also dress very casually or wear men’s clothes sometimes, but I do it in my own way–which reflects my fashion choices in SL, too.

Gender Neutral

I used to think that being a woman meant I had to wear girly things. But being a woman should be what you define it to be, for yourself. The clothing at the Gen-Neutral event, such as the awesome top and pants I’m wearing in this picture, are worn by tomboyish models at their stalls to show they are meant for everyone. But when I wear them, I make them my own.

You don’t have to cut your hair short to defy gender norms (or grow it long, if you’re a man). You don’t have to look like Ruby Rose or go to extremes in presentation. You can be you and dress how you want to dress. Define who YOU are, don’t let your gender do that for you. That’s what the Gen-Neutral event is about–giving you a choice.

To learn more about gender fluidity, watch these awesome videos.

What I’m Wearing
Pink Fuel – Morgana Apricot (brown brow RARE – Arcade)
Exile – Bewitched – Available at C88!
cheLLe – Artemis Eyeshadow (Mauve) – For Cosmetic Fair, September 15th!
cheLLe – Mix and Match Eyeshadow (Inner, Blue)
[ a.e.meth ] – Life’s A Drag! Contour Makeup*
breath – Autumn Set (Black, female hand)*
tomboi – Easton Suit (Pants, flamingo)*
LVLE – Pointed Flats (Black)
* available at the Gen-Neutral event

Hold a pizza party this weekend!

Hey guys! Cake here, with some news about Chelle and some products you might be interested in! Consider this your update from the designers’ desk.

First up, I’m back to making more things in SL, and have two great products you’ll enjoy, especially this holiday weekend:

[ a.e.meth ] - Pepperoni Pizza Server

Who doesn’t love pizza? Now you can carry around pizza boxes in stacks of 2, 4, and 8! You can also rez these for as little land impact as 2. It’s a great prop for bar owners, party throwers, and roleplayers!

Know what else goes great with pizza?

[ a.e.meth ] - Beer Serving Tray

Beer serving tray! I wanted this to fit in with multiple sims, so I gave the tray a brushed metal look. You can wear or rez this, and it will distribute tankards if anyone clicks on it.

Last item, is this awesome wearable campfire:

[ a.e.meth ] - Wearable Campfire

Simply ‘add’ the campfire to yourself, and you’ll sit next to a nice, modest fire. It comes with extra chairs so if your friends have a campfire, you can sit with theirs instead of sitting on the ground.

Now for Chelle news: Gogo and I collaborate on Chelle, and I’ve been examining the mesh heads that have come out lately. I’d like to tackle Lelutka first to create makeup for their heads. So, if you have one, please look forward to it! I’ll still continue to make regular tat layers as well.

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Visit [ a.e.meth ] in SL
Visit [ a.e.meth ] on marketplace

cheLLe @ Cosmetic Fair

cheLLe @ Cosmetic Fair

Cosmetic Fair / Love is Love / February 14th – 18th, opens 1pm SLT

✿ cheLLe ✿ is at our favorite event, Cosmetic Fair! We have three nail sets in bright Spring colors, and pretty patterns. Are you in the mood for Heart, Mermaid, Watercolors, or all three? For makeup lovers, we have Sparkler and Sparkler Naturals, a pretty eyeshadow set that will work with most SL skins.

See you at the fair!

cheLLe nails, Floralistsa

Check out these new Floralista nails at ✿ cheLLe ✿! I’m in the mood for florals, so I made a set with bright colors and French tips. The HUD has been re-designed to display the nails textures better! I hope you guys like it more than the old one. 🙂

cheLLe Nails - Floralista #5

Check it out on Marketplace or at cheLLe’s main store.

cheLLe poster

I also made a new poster to display in the store, I think it represents the brand really well – lots bright & colorful cosmetics!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
cheLLe – Floralista #5 Nails
cheLLe – Don’t Dream It’s Over (tattoo)
Wasabi Pills – Robin Mesh Hair (Chocolate)
Sugar – (S) Dip Dyed Dress (Passionberry)
Juicy – Classic Pumps (Strawberry)
Katat0nik – (Candy Rainbow) Pattered Garter Socks
Monso – My Bunny Headband (Sackdong)

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