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Cosmetic Fair; cheLLe

The Summer Edition of Cosmetic Fair opens tomorrow, June 15th – June 30th! This event will feature many cosmetic products from the brands around SL that you know and love! 🙂

✿ cheLLe ✿ has 4 new Moon Dust I-IV shadows sets, and a tattoo Eyelashes set out at the fair!

Here is a direct SLurl to cheLLe!

Don’t forget to add your pictures to the Cosmetic Fair Flickr Group!

cheLLe - Moon Dust IV

cheLLe - Moon Dust II

cheLLe - Moon Dust III

Wear these shadows with your favorite skin, or mix-and-match ANY two Moon Dust eyeshadows to create a new color!

cheLLe - Moon Dust I

cheLLe - Eyelashes (tattoo)

cheLLe nails, Glitter & Pointed

cheLLe Nails

Nails are all the rage! ✿ cheLLe ✿ is excited to add nails to our makeup & cosmetics line, and we look forward to releasing even more fabulous nails! The first release is includes Glitter and Pointed nails.

This is an Add-on product and does not include the SLink Avatar Enhancement mesh hands or feet. You can purchase them from SLink (by Siddean Munro).

Check it out on Marketplace or at cheLLe’s main store.

cheLLe - Glitter

Glitter #1 SLink AE Nails set

cheLLe - Pointed

Pointed #4 SLink AE Nails set

Shop Free*Style

Pink Fuel, Alena

Shop Free*Style is open! Teleport to the 1st level or 2nd level to shop for items ranging from $0L-$50L. I’m such a fan of the Free*Style blog since it’s inception years ago. Free*Style had a free shop at Juicy sim for a few years, and at another place, but I think it went away for a while. I’m happy that the shop is back in-world! All of the items are not FREE, but they’re inexpensive and will give you a sample of brands from all over SL.

I’m wearing this gorgeous Alena skin (in Vanilla tone) from Pink Fuel, sold at Free*Style Shop for $50L! For fans of the Alena skin, you definitely want to stop by and pick up this unreleased skin.

cheLLe - Dramatic

✿ cheLLe ✿ has two eyeshadow packs for $50L each, that’s half off the regular price! The Dramatic shadows can be layered with each other, or with other cheLLe shadows. I’m also releasing a more muted version of Mermaid shadows, called Mermaid II. This Mermaid II set includes tattoo lashes on the shadow, hope you guys like it! 🙂

cheLLe - Mermaid II

The makeup packs will be exclusively available at the Free*Style shop only (not at cheLLe or on Marketplace).

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Borghild hat/sand
LeLutka – Lillian Hair (Toast)
Maitreya – Mignon Dress (S+) Jasmine

Juicy Gloss

Juicy Gloss

Hi there! I’m Cake, contributing artist to the Chelle team. I’m dressed in bright colors today to talk to you about our latest lip gloss release.

You may have noticed that instead of the usual six colors Chelle releases for lipstick, we’ve put out a full range of 18. Why? The reason why, is because you asked for it to happen!

With our new range, however, some may be confused about what looks best on them. So, here’s a tip:

Juicy Gloss I is for everybody. Just like with our Mean Reds lipstick collection, we created a range of colors where half of it looks more natural on you, while the other half is a bit dressier. Those who wear darker skins will find the darker and purple tones to be more suited for natural/casual wear, while the brighter pinks and reds are a bolder look for them. Those who wear lighter skins will find the exact opposite to be true.

Juicy Gloss II is more favored for darker skins. You will find more tones in this collection to benefit you, if you have tan to deep brown skin tone. The darkest tone we tested for this collection, is Glam Affair’s Gitana 02. Here’s a before and after using our Goth shade:

Juicy Gloss

Juicy Gloss III is favored more for lighter skin tones. The colors are bright and blend in best on a fairer skin color. If you wear a tan skin tone, it will look good on you as well.

Check out Aemy Says for the full post and credits!

cheLLe – Juicy Gloss I, II, III

cheLLe - Juicy Gloss I

✿ cheLLe ✿ is ending this year with 3 new Juicy Gloss sets! Eeach set has six semi-sheer lipgloss tattoos, which can be layered with each other to create a completely new color. Mix-and-match any lipstick from set I, II, or III to create your own unique color.

Purchase this pack online! cheLLe @ SL Marketplace

cheLLe - Juicy Gloss II

Purchase this pack online! cheLLe @ SL Marketplace

cheLLe - Juicy Gloss III

Purchase this pack online! cheLLe @ SL Marketplace 

Or visit cheLLe mainstore on Juicy

Gala Fundraiser

cheLLe - Bohemian Beauty

As you may or may not have heard, there’s a Gala Fundraiser event that starts on July 9th. ✿ cheLLe ✿‘s contribution to this event is the Bohemian Beauty set of six under-eyeshadow. I am donating 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this makeup set to Gala Phoenix. Hope you guys enjoy, and see you there!

Direct SLurl to cheLLe @ Gala Fundraiser

If you want to know more about why this event is being held, I’ve found a thorough blog post with a ton of links about the Gala/Hush situation, compiled by LeeHere Absent.



cheLLe - Dreamy

CHIC2 opens today at 4PM, so be sure to visit and check out all the new and exclusive items! [direct SLurl to CHIC2] ✿ cheLLe ✿ has a new Dreamy tattoo eyeshadow set that includes 3 multi-color eyeshadow and 3 single color for the under eye. Mix and match them together, to make the eyeshadow pop!


I’ve put together a sweet look based around this new floral Sha Top from MONS. I’m also wearing the new DEMETER hairstyle from LeLutka (includes a color-changing hair band & rose).

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Demeter hair (Sweeden)
MONS – (Summer Love Collection) Sha Top (Dreamy Spring)
Ingenue – Adela (Lavender)
Ingenue – Nina (Lilac)
Magic Nook – Vintage Watch Necklace (Rose)
cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Dreamy (Under Eye 1) @ CHIC2

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