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cheLLe @ Summer Beauty Festival

The First Annual Summer Beauty Festival opens on May 1st. Featuring 11 cosmetic designers, Summer Beauty will providehigh-quality and artistic makeup for your enjoyment!

cheLLe - Henna

✿ cheLLe ✿ Henna is a stunning Henna Face tattoo that comes in Olive and Red color. Included in this package is the left, right, and whole face tattoo for each color. You can layer these if you want to wear both colors at once!

cheLLe - Masquerade

✿ cheLLe ✿ Masquerade Mask comes in 8 colors and also includes Black Eyes for a ‘masked’ effect. You can wear these with your regular avatar eyes showing, or hide it completely by wearing the Black Eyes.

Visit Summer Beauty Festival
May 1st-25th, 2012

cheLLe – Mix and Match

cheLLe - Mix And Match

✿ cheLLe ✿ Mix and Match includes six Inner and six Outer eyeshadows on the tattoo layer. Pair any Inner + Outer Shadow for a Combined look. The Combined look will have a slightly different gradient effect, depending on which layer you wear first (Inner first, then Outer on top or vice versa).

We’ve also included a bonus Black Cat Eyeliner to wear over the shadows!

Purchase this pack online!

cheLLe @ SL Marketplace or at cheLLe mainstore on Juicy

cheLLe @ Festival of Sin

cheLLe - Fruity

✿ cheLLe ✿ has a Fruity new release for Festival of Sin! We have released a face makeup set that includes 3 eyeshadows and 3 lipsticks. This set has the shadows & lipsticks on their own tattoo layer, and also an additional tattoo layer that combines both. You can mix-and-match or layer them for a  completely new look! 🙂

See you at Festival of Sin!

Festival of Sin – Main Entrance
(cheLLe is at Gluttony near the landing point, look for the big lollipop store)
Opens tomorrow, February 18th – March 3rd

Dark Shadows and Cat Eyeliner

cheLLe - Dark Shadows

✿ cheLLe ✿ Dark Shadows is a great way to instantly transform any skin! This set includes six smokey eyeshadows that’s perfect for this season. I especially like pairing them with extra Black eyeliner, and tons of lashes.

cheLLe - Cat Eyeliner

✿ cheLLe ✿ Cat Eyeliner includes six basic colors that will look great when worn over any skin or paired with your favorite eyeshadows! These are my favorite, and I wear the Black Cat Eyeliner all the time, especially when I’m wearing prim lashes to get a ‘fuller’ look.

Purchase these pack online!

cheLLe Dark Shadows @ SL MarketplacecheLLe Cat Eyeliner @ SL Marketplace, or at cheLLe mainstore on Juicy

Get Frosty with cheLLe!

cheLLe - Frosty Cheeks

✿ cheLLe ✿ Frosty Cheeks is a colorful blush set that’s perfect for Wintertime! You can wear this to get a subtle look, or a dramatic look with the Blue or Purple Frosty cheeks!

cheLLe - Frost Bitten

✿ cheLLe ✿ Frost Bitten is a set of six lipstains that adds a bit of color to any skin. Get this if you love lip colors!

Purchase these pack online!

cheLLe Frosty Cheeks @ SL MarketplacecheLLe Frost Bitten @ SL Marketplace, or at cheLLe mainstore on Juicy

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