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Pose Fair 2011

Pose Fair 2011

Baffle! – The Artist (includes Easel, paint brushes, and tattoo layer paint splatter)

Pose Fair opens tomorrow! I had so much fun going around trying poses from brands I know, and also brands I’ve never heard of before. There are so many pose shops in SL!!

I’ve noticed that this year, there are lots of family (group & couples) poses, and also lots of kid poses! The kid poses, and kid-themed props are especially adorable! I wish they fit me 🙁

Pose Fair 2011

Olive Juice – Call Me (includes color-changing phone) | Glitterati Family – Bear (6 poses)

POSEUR – Seductress (includes modifiable bed & 15 poses)





and also, because I did the ad for this POSEUR set, you have to stop by POSEUR @ Pose Fair and check it out! 🙂

POSEUR - 5uck3rPWN$

POSEUR – 5uck3r PWN$ (includes texture-changing background poster & 16 poses)

POSEUR Bestprens and Miyu’s Turn

Melanie, Me

I love this new POSEUR Bestprens pose prop. There are 8 different poses total (4 for each avatar) and they can be used together (1A with 1B, 2A with 2B, etc) or mix-and-match 1A with 4B to create a whole new pose. This prop is unisex and the pose position can be adjusted via a drop-down menu.

POSEUR- Bestprens

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We’re so happy to take part in the first CHIC Limited event for January. Miyu’s Turn is a  pose prop with 7-set of couples poses built-in. The poses are built into a 2-prim archway with leafy ground covering, perfect for use indoors or outdoors.

Miyu's Turn 3

(Photo credit: Lashy)

Miyu's Turn

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