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Are you unique?


The more I wear a mesh head, the more I identify with it. I find that the best way to feel at home in a mesh head is to commit to it, wear it often, and then customize it until you love it. I worry that I look “just like everyone else” in the mesh head, but so far, I haven’t seen anyone else styling it the way that I do! Take my poll and let me know how often you wear your mesh head!

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POLL: Mesh Body

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How do you want your JuicyBomb updates?

Google Reader is closing on July 1st, 2013! This is the most awful news that I’ve read this week. After Gmail, Google Reader is my second favorite ‘service’ from Google. I’m really sad it’s going away, cos no other service has the convenience that Google Reader offered. I need a feed that is built into my Google dashboard, I don’t want to visit another site, and also be able to read it on my computer, phone, ipad, etc.

There are five other Google Reader alternatives listed on the Lifehacker blog, but I don’t want to use them. I want my Google Reader to STAY!!

Please take my poll, so I know where you guys prefer to get your JuicyBomb updates! I’ve always felt that JuicyBomb readers prefer the site, and I use Flickr religiously, but I don’t really like other social networks.

Help me answer this poll, and prove me right, or wrong! You can pick only one answer, so make it your favorite one! 😀

[poll id=”53″]

With Google Reader going away, if you are subscribed to my RSS feed, which service are you reading it with? Do you want me to promote my site on my Facebook page more (already doing it) or any other service?

Poll: Pose making tutorial

I haven’t made poses in a while, so some of you guys might not know that I use to make pose packs, and give them away. Then I made a few more and sold them under my brand Juicy, and later with Poseur. At times, it does feel like “everyone” is making or selling poses these days, but I think there’s a lot of new players that do not know how.

So, would you like a pose making tutorial? There are some tutorials for SL floating around, but I can try to explain it a really simple way for anyone who wants to learn!

[poll id=”50″]

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