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Polls, Polls, Polls!

For a long time, I haven’t been able to take more than a few photos without crashing once my inventory has fully loaded. My inventory count has also not been less than 50,000 items for a long time, perhaps 2-3 years. As you guys know, I have been reducing my inventory count drastically, and it’s not cos I mind having a large invy (I’m very organized) but I want to fix this annoying crashing when taking snapshots issue once and for all!!

I’ve noticed that ever since my inventory went from 130K -> 90K -> less than 75K, I can take photos again, without having to clear cache every single time I want to take pictures!

Can you take just a few seconds to answer my poll, I want to see if 1) what viewer are you guys using? and 2) can you take snapshots with a large inventory?

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Charity in SL

There are so many charity events in SL, and the number of events increase yearly. I have a question for event organizers, designers, and shoppers. Do you feel that a donation receipt (proof of donation) should be posted after the charity event has ended?

I think that some proof of donation should be posted, cos it’s more reassuring to see that proof that the money has been properly donated.

Although designers are the ones doing the donating, and we as shopper are merely exchanging Lindens for their goodies, I think that a charity event motivates lots of us to buy something we may not normally buy. In my mind, when I shop at a charity event I am “donating” too.

What do you think?

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How big is too big?

[poll id=”28″]

I’ve been trying to get my inventory down from 130,000 items but after cleaning it for several hours, I’m still at 129,000! According to this Second Life Wiki page, having an inventory larger than 10,000 items may slow performance so… uhh.. I think we’re all in trouble. For the “fashion” crowd, I don’t think 10,000 items is a realistic number! I wish SL would let me sort my inventory by YEAR so I can purge everything from 2009 and beyond.

Please take my poll, cos I wanna know how my inventory size compares to other SL residents.

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