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All is fair in Game of Homes (GoH)

**WARNING** This is a GoH post, it will make no sense to my regular fashion readers.

Let’s talk about this week’s Virtual Secrets. It has been over a decade since someone found me interesting enough to make a secret about me, so let’s talk about everything regarding this secret.

Linden Lab created a competitive environment, where they would only release one region at a time, so all of the homes are immediately snapped up within minutes. The best time to roll for a new home is during a new release and/or rolling-release (massive release of a new theme).

To add on to this stress, every premium account only has 5 abandons per 24 hour period, so even if many homes are available, you are limited in your chances to try. And unless you are rolling the minute you watch a region release, it’s incredibly hard to target a region.

When you are a Linden Homes enthusiast like me, you make some GoH friends along the way, these are the people that you run into all the time, on pre-released regions cos you both want a home on those regions. It’s true that I have a few Linden Homes, many of them I rolled during a rolling-release, and few were given to me by friends.

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New Linden Home; Log Homes

Log Homes; Linden Home

The 5th Linden Home theme is Log Homes! I’m kind of surprised since it’s pretty much more of the same. I am a huge beach home fan in SL, but I really want a snow chalet too, for some magical Winter wonderland photos. Go check out the Log Homes in-world before the launch.

Do you currently have a Linden Home? Do you want a Log Home? Let me know in the comments!

New Linden Homes

New Linden Homes

“Hey Cake! Where’ve you been?” Drawing comics for money and enjoying life. I’m working on a comic book for a mainstream company now, so I’m pretty excited! That series will be released in August. Nationwide. I’m a pro now!

But that’s not why I’m writing this, right? Let’s talk about Linden Homes!

I managed to check these out when the Home and Garden Expo was running, and the preview was pretty cool. So when they were released, I hopped on the chance to snag one. Gogo and I registered around the same time, so I was hoping to get one on the waterfront like she did. Just so you know–homes are randomly assigned! BUT, all of these houses are landscaped very nicely. I didn’t get one on the waterfront, but I still love my house anyway.

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My New Kitchen

My New Kitchen

I have done nothing but shop, decorate, shop, decorate! I love my new Catia Kitchen set from Consignment. I have used decor from various brands for years to make a vintage kitchen, but I felt the need for change. This new set is modular, and very easy to assemble to fit any kitchen. I don’t like to change my decor often, but this change is definitely much-needed, since it also pushed me to update my living room and other corners of my home.

My New Kitchen

A new kitchen set calls for new food!! Isn’t this set of brunch food from Dust Bunny fantastic? It’s a gacha, but it was actually fairly easy to complete the set since it’s a small set.

My New Kitchen

Autumn is here! It’s cold outside, so I am loving all the sweaters and beanies in SL. I love this Amitomo dress at Sanarae, it’s a gacha, but I won’t complain since I won the dress after a handful of tries. Exile released perfect autumn hairstyles at Collabor88 this month! I am wearing Full Circle, it comes with a color-changing HUD for the cap.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Full Circle
Amitomo – My Story Gacha (Dress)
Ingenue – Nina Heels (Oxblood)


Consignment – Catia Kitchen (White)
Dust Bunny – Brunch Foods gacha
What Next – Patisserie Kitchen Decor

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