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Hello from Vivara! I found this amazing new game hall that has both freeplay and skill gaming areas. It’s trussed up like a resort (and even has a poolside lounge!), so you can hang out at the luxury bar, go see a show, do some shopping (coming soon!) and take your friends to play Greedy and MooLoTo.

The other day I watched a Greedy tournament at Vivara and saw someone win 10k. Ten thousand lindens! That’s a lot. Maybe I should ditch my canvases and go be a professional gamer?

If you live in a state or country that allows you to visit Vivara in Second Life, you can go check them out here.

I’m wearing the Sunny mesh head from Genesis in this post! I wish it had expressions so I could wear it all the time. However, it’s a great gift head and awesome for making outfits with. As for a more permanent head to wear, I did find one, but you’ll have to find out next post what it is.

See you then!

What I’m Wearing

Genesis – Sunny Mesh Head (group gift)
Elikatira – Conclusion
Ryvolter – Mink Princess Stole
Blueberry – Rylai Dress
[ a.e.meth ] – Lucky Smoke Cigarettes
Post – Laika Cocktail

Song: Lana Del Rey – Old Money

SLink Physique Male

Slink Physique Male

It’s BoyCake, back with another review! Hello, lay-deez. ;D

Are you ready for the new male mesh body from SLink? Well, it’s here! As some of you may know, I’ve been searching high and low for a good mesh body for my boy av, and now it looks like I finally have it. Or have I?

Before I start off, I want to give a shoutout to both my close friends who tried this on with me, as well as the Convergence City roleplay group for discussing this with me in their out-of-character chat area. Their thoughts definitely influenced what I’m writing now! I always like to get other people’s opinions and have discussions about things before I give a final verdict.

What did I compare this to in considering the SLink Male Physique for purchase? Mainly, the TMP male body and the Aesthetic by Niramyth. For reference, I snagged the TMP body to try on after my awful experience with the Jomo male body, which turned out to be a suspected rip. I have two male friends who own the Aesthetic, one who came with me to SLink’s store to examine the demo.

Now, one to the review!


The SLink Physique Male comes with a mesh body (no hands or feet) for 1250L. If you don’t have feet and hands already, take about 2400L to the store with you so you can pick up everything at once. The mesh body will include underwear, one pair of jeans, and one tank top. If you don’t like the basic skins you start off with for your mesh body, there are neck blenders provided to help with skin-matching.


  • The Physique Male includes a penis. Yes, really! There’s even a foreskin option and pubic hair. The penis doesn’t seem to be able to get erect; I believe it’s there for completion purposes, sort of like most vaginas on skins and mesh bodies are. At first I was weirded out by an SL peen that doesn’t do anything, but after a while, I got used to it.
  • Your body will seem a little lean when you try it on, but it can bulk up nicely if you edit your shape. Will it get as muscular as the Aesthetic? I’ll talk about that in a moment.
  • For script maniacs like me, you’ll be happy to know that with the male body, hands, my AO, and the alpha/clothing hud attached, I was only running 32 scripts. That’s awesome. Everyone in SL should always try to wear low-script items so they end up under a total count of 50 for their avatar. It not only improves your SL experience, but helps to decrease sim lag.

Room For Improvement?

Slink Physique Male

This picture has been brightened because my windlight was super dark when I took the pic. I’m dumb. SRY

I, for one, am not crazy about the clothing/alpha HUD design. I know it’s a lot to include to the clothing hud, and Siddean must have realized this because she created two size versions of the HUD (small and large) for those who have trouble seeing everything. But it took me a moment of wtf’ing to understand just what button did what. Afterwards, I figured things out. I just wish the UI were a bit more friendly.

I don’t know about you, but I like my men with some thigh. When I increased BoyCake’s thighs, I noticed some poses caused the underwear to clip (see pic above). I tried to find the correct button to HIDE his thighs in that area, but that took another ten minutes and then I gave up. My point–if you create underwear or clothing for the mesh body, I would include an auto-hide script for it. Kemono has that and so does Maitreya.

Is This The One?

Is Physique Male for you? That’s what you want to know, right? It’s been a long search for that one mesh body you can finally wear, won’t clip your damn clothing, won’t do this or that or make you unhappy or sorry you ever bought it. When I asked my friends about the Physique versus the Aesthetic, we both admitted we liked Aesthetic’s muscly body more, but only on certain avatars. Not everyone looks good with that much bulk, and not everyone looks good with TMP’s skinnier mesh body either.

Physique Male is that sort of happy medium between TMP and Aesthetic. You don’t spend too much for what you get, and you end up getting a lot. For me, that means it’s a body I’m sticking with! For good, hopefully.

You can teleport here to check out SLink Physique Male for yourself.

Notice: if you create products geared towards men and want me to review it, please send an NC/pack/etc to Aemeth Resident. I can’t make a promise that I’ll review everything, but I understand the struggle of finding men’s products out there so it’s worth helping out!

What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

I’ve got an important question to ask you. I don’t want to rush you in answering, either:

Do you think this body is a rip?

It’s nice, right? It looks so good on me. I honestly don’t want to take it off. I looked all over for a mesh body suitable enough for my male avatar that wouldn’t be overly buff or cost five thousand lindens just to be able to use a simple (and necessary) alpha HUD. I just wanted something I could wear, look good, and if I go walking around in nothing but some skimpy shorts, I wouldn’t look like a joke. So, I bought this body from Jomo on Marketplace.

I tried to do what New World Notes recommended in looking over the creator’s store to judge their character. I’m not the most versed in video games and their properties, but I did look for obvious copyright infringements where I could. I thought I was safe, so I bought the mesh body. But then, I saw this thread on the Second Life Universe forums… no one can seem to come to a conclusion about Jomo or their mesh avatars, although there’s some possible resemblance to some pants the store has created. Some items look like either altered rips from the online game Tera, or are VERY close inspirations of it.

Speaking of, that’s the problem with “inspired” items. Some designers in SL believe items that are created with heavy influence isn’t crossing a line and can’t hurt your reputation. But sometimes, there’s an ugly backlash and the truth can’t easily be sorted out. Customers might want to do the right thing and buy only honestly-created items, especially when they’re shelling out a pretty penny for it. But what’s the end result when the item is DMCA’d and they’re left with nothing? They can’t exactly get a refund after that.

In the end, I have no conclusion I’ve reached about this body. I’m sorry I didn’t look into it more, but then again–how much research can I do on a mesh body to ensure it’s safe to buy and wear?

Men, I’d love to hear your recommendations on affordable, legitimate mesh bodies available for consumption. I’d also like to hear everyone’s opinion about my situation. I thought this was okay when I bought it, but now I have no idea of the body’s origins since I saw the thread on Second Life Universe. What should I do? Trash the body? Ask for a refund? Something else?

What Do You Think?

Let me know!

What I’m Wearing:
Hair: Exile – Tidal (Moonlight)

Notice: if you create products geared towards men and want me to review it, please send an NC/pack/etc to Aemeth Resident. I can’t make a promise that I’ll review everything, but I understand the struggle of finding men’s products out there so it’s worth helping out!

Hold a pizza party this weekend!

Hey guys! Cake here, with some news about Chelle and some products you might be interested in! Consider this your update from the designers’ desk.

First up, I’m back to making more things in SL, and have two great products you’ll enjoy, especially this holiday weekend:

[ a.e.meth ] - Pepperoni Pizza Server

Who doesn’t love pizza? Now you can carry around pizza boxes in stacks of 2, 4, and 8! You can also rez these for as little land impact as 2. It’s a great prop for bar owners, party throwers, and roleplayers!

Know what else goes great with pizza?

[ a.e.meth ] - Beer Serving Tray

Beer serving tray! I wanted this to fit in with multiple sims, so I gave the tray a brushed metal look. You can wear or rez this, and it will distribute tankards if anyone clicks on it.

Last item, is this awesome wearable campfire:

[ a.e.meth ] - Wearable Campfire

Simply ‘add’ the campfire to yourself, and you’ll sit next to a nice, modest fire. It comes with extra chairs so if your friends have a campfire, you can sit with theirs instead of sitting on the ground.

Now for Chelle news: Gogo and I collaborate on Chelle, and I’ve been examining the mesh heads that have come out lately. I’d like to tackle Lelutka first to create makeup for their heads. So, if you have one, please look forward to it! I’ll still continue to make regular tat layers as well.

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Visit [ a.e.meth ] in SL
Visit [ a.e.meth ] on marketplace

LOGO Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar

LOGO - Alex

The new LOGO Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar is a beautiful new addition to LOGO’s line mesh heads. I’m such a fan of the style HUD, not only does it include dozens of makeup options, but the facial expressions are hands down, the best on the grid. A new MiniHUD includes 12 more expressions, all of which can mix-and-match, creating hundreds of different expressions. I’m such a fan of the mouth and teeth, no one does this better than LOGO!

LOGO - Alex

The following text is pasted from LOGO’s ad on SLUniverse – check it out to see more product info!

Combines mesh head with standard SL body and skin (head can be used separately)
– High quality and high resolution textures
– 12 unique expressions (including open mouth and closed eyes) that can be mixed and matched to create 144 distinct looks (more expressions also available)
– *New Feature* Dynamic dimples that change depending on the expression (see Example Looks)
– *New Feature* Natural eyeshadow that looks correct whether your eyes are open or closed
– Includes dozens of facial customization options
– 16 Lipsticks
– 16 Eyeshadows
– 4 Blush
– 5 Noses
– 16 Eye Colors
– 7 Eyelash Styles
– 49 Hair Bases (Including Shaved)
– Includes 5 skin tones and lots of body options such as breast shading and stomach shading options
– Works with ALL standard and mesh clothing.

LOGO - Alex

Visit LOGO to demo Alex, and let me know what you think of the facial expressions! I love them!

LeLutka Mesh Head, part 2

New LeLutka mesh head

LeLutka – Lotte

If you enjoy reading about LeLutka Mesh Heads, this post is a follow-up featuring new faces, new HUDs, my thoughts on the latest improvements.

I love the trio of new faces (Lotte, Karin, and Stella). They’re much less pouty than the previous faces, and much more youthful looking. Only a handful of skin brands have released appliers for the mesh heads, so your choices are limited. I actually like what Glam Affair did with the skins this time around, by offering interchangeable skin HUDs that will work with any heads and you can mix-and-match the brows, lips, and eyes.

New LeLutka mesh head

LeLutka Mesh Head Hud, Glam Affair Skin HUD

New LeLutka mesh head

LeLutka – Stella

I would like to see an option to turn the lashes off entirely, so I can wear my own lashes or more lash options, cos I want even more lush lashes. Of course, I would love to see more facial expressions, similar to the ones seen on LOGO and Fiore.

The new LeLutka mesh faces will be released on April 30th, so when you do get a chance to try them, let me know what you think of the new faces in the comments!

Edit: It’s out! Read the full entry on LeLutka Mesh Head at the official blog.

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka Mesh Head – Stella, Fiore
Glam Affair Skin HUD
Truth Hair – Bexley
Yummy – Twinkling Star Earrings (Gold)

Fiore Mesh Head

Fiore Mesh Head

Hello SL! I haven’t written a review in a long time, but I felt inspired to write something about this new Toni Mesh Head from Fiore. Fiore is the new brand for mesh heads from seasoned SL creator, Sanya Bilavio, of Vive Nine and Ryvolter.

I’m a fan of mesh heads when they’re well done and attractive. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I raved about the mesh heads from LOGO and Snow Rabbit. I’ve tried on other mesh heads, and own faces from SLink Visage and The Shops. I didn’t review them, for a number of reasons, but the main one is that I didn’t find them cute enough to wear.

Fiore Mesh Head

I tried on the Fiore mesh heads (I’m wearing Angelic), and was impressed with a number of things that they had to offer, despite some obvious flaws that should have prevented me from making a purchase. The price is $2,900 for a face, which is reasonably priced when compared with other mesh heads on the market. I also liked the face shape, the HUD, and the slow blinking animation!

Fiore Mesh Head

This is the Fiore HUD. As you can see, it’s sleek and sexy. This HUD is not only well-designed, but it is easy to use and offers lots of customization features (similar to LOGO’s). I liked that all of this is included with the purchase, along with appliers for Maitreya, and SLink bodies.

Fiore Mesh Head

7 facial expressions included! These expressions seem to change the mouth and brows slightly, but the eyes remain the same. It would be nice to have closed-eyes, winking, and a few other eye options in a future update.

For version 1, I think this release is promising. The price is reasonable, and the product is nice, except for a few things that should be fixed in a future update. What are they? This is just MY personal list of things I’d like to see improved — an “OFF” option for the hair base, different positions for eyes, improve the gray shading on the forehead, and update the neck seam to fit/blend better.

Fiore Mesh Head

I am wearing the Maitreya Lara mesh body in this post. I’m still waiting for Pink Fuel appliers for this body, before I wear it regularly. Right now I’m wearing the SLink Physique body exclusively.

Overall, do I recommend the Fiore mesh head? Yes. It seems like the creator is already working on addressing the issues mentioned in my post, so this product can only get better with time.

Did you try the new Fiore mesh heads?  Let me know in the comments! I know I haven’t written a real review in ages, so I would love to know what you think about this review!

Snow Rabbit (S@R) Hybrid Avatar Head Nea

Snow Rabbit (S@R) Mesh Head Nea

Since November of last year, I’ve drooled over the Snow Rabbit mesh head featured on NWN. When I saw the videos showing the smooth facial animations, I was blown away by how beautiful it looked. The S@R Hybrid Avatar (Nea) by Shirousagi Noel will be released at Skin Fair on March 15th — but you may have already seen a teaser or two from blogger’s preview this week.

Snow Rabbit (S@R) Mesh Head Nea

Included in the S@R Hybrid Avatar Head package:

S@R Hybrid Avatar Head Nea
S@R Hybrid Avatar HUD Nea
S@R Hybrid Avatar Mini-HUD Nea
S@R Skin in Milky White, Natural White, Natural Beige, Bronz, and Dark (regular&cleavage version)
S@R Eye (Left, Right)
S@R Mesh Alpha (with eye, without eye)
S@R Tears (by NODe+)
S@R Mesh Shape (size XXS-S)
S@R Face Light
Manual (English & Japanese, read it online)

Snow Rabbit (S@R) Mesh Head Nea

(Facial animations)

I’m wearing my shape, with head size 50 (the default is 30) and I am not wearing the included mesh eyes. If you do wear your own shape, make sure you adjust the eyes to fit, and the tears too. Before you do anything, read the entire manual, and the Q&A, it is extremely helpful.

Snow Rabbit (S@R) Mesh Head Nea

Shown above is the Mini-HUD, and the full size HUD. Use it to control facial animations, change makeup, change eye color, turn tears on/off, turn on full bright and face light, etc.

I recommend turning Full Bright OFF, and never using face light. If you do, the result could be very bright and not pleasing to look at. Read the manual, you’ll know why the creator included a Full Bright option, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED BY ME.

Snow Rabbit (S@R) Mesh Head Nea

Eye makeup in a range of colors, so lovely!

Snow Rabbit (S@R) Mesh Head Nea

Lipsticks are glossy and natural.

The HUD also includes the option to change Eye shadow, Lipstick, Blush, and lash type. These makeups are great for a fresh and natural look, but I’m hoping for more lipstick options in the future too! Also, I want different colored brows.

I think this head is perfect in ever way, except for the neck area.

Snow Rabbit (S@R) Mesh Head Nea

Left – With Ambient Occlusion OFF | Right – With Ambient Occlusion ON

The neck area of this head is slightly transparent alpha for the animation to work, so I’ve noticed that with Ambient Occlusion (and shadows) ON, the neck area is not seamless with the body. To combat this, you can turn full bright on (NOT RECOMMENDED), turn shadows off, or just turn Ambient Occlusion off (your shadows will be jagged, but at least your head won’t be full bright). I hope that makes sense! If you get a chance to demo or wear this head, you’ll know see what I’m talking about. I wish there was a better solution, such as having the neck area not be slightly transparent alpha, but it’s necessary.

(A short video showing facial animations) The full video is on my YouTube channel.

Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar HUD Update!


Hi everyone! It’s Black Friday! While I do not enjoy fighting crowds, I love searching online for some good deals. I’ve noticed that a couple of SL brands have also made Black Friday sales, so if you’re looking for a shopping fix, check them out!

My Black Friday outfit is the new Bowie dress from Katat0nik in Black, and added some dark Black eyeliner on Chloe.

If you’re a fan of the Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar from LOGO, you’ll be happy to know that there have been some updates! The Chloe v1.3 has hair base, redesigned eyes (to include eye positions), and rigged eyelashes & eyelids. Everyone who purchases Chloe now will have this included in the package, and if you did not receive an update yet, the updated package will be sent out manually.

Chloe Hair Base

I don’t wear hair base often, but I think a lot of people will be happy with this new feature. The hair base matches LOGO’s own hair textures, but you can probably find a color that closely matches with other hair brands.

Chloe Hair Base

Chloe HUD v1.3 – new Eye Expressions & 42 Hair Bases

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO – Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Truth – Ariel w/ Roots (Carob)
Katat0nik – Bowie Dress (mesh)
cheLLe – I am Doll Parts (I am Classic) tattoo

LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh

LOGO Chloe Mesh

Meet Chloe. Chloe is a wearable Hybrid Mesh Head from LOGO that works with your SL body (shape) and all existing clothes and hair. I had the pleasure of seeing the work-in-progress of Chloe months ago, but I couldn’t show you guys until the official release. Finally, Chloe is here, and I am officially declaring my love for this hybrid mesh head!! I’ve seen a few mesh heads in SL before from other brands, but none as beautiful and detailed as Chloe.

LOGO Chloe Mesh

LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh package includes:

5 Skin Tones (Alabaster, Bloom, Almond, Amber, Cocoa)
1 Mesh Head (with 0 or 16 body fat)
Eyes & Teeth
Head Alpha
Mesh Settings Storage
Shape (with 0 or 16 body fat)
Body Extras (tattoo layers for body options)
& optional purchase:
3 Mesh Add-On Makeup HUDS (All Blush, All Eye Shadows, All Lipsticks)

LOGO Chloe Mesh

Look at this amazing Makeup HUD! I’m very excited about this HUD, and I loved that it’s packed with so many options! As you can see, the HUD is scripted to change Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Blush, Nose Style, Eyebrow Color, Eyelashes, and facial Expressions!! I had so much fun playing with the facial expressions, it is my favorite thing about the mesh head.

LOGO Chloe Mesh

I loooooooove these 16 Facial Expressions! What I really love, is that the eyelashes moves with each face, so I didn’t need to re-adjust them at all. The scripting for this HUD is flawless, and so easy (and fun!) to use.

Like many people, I’m pretty attached to my own shape and face that I’ve been tweaking for years. However, I view the Chloe Hybrid Mesh Head as a very pretty doll that can be styled a million different ways. Although many people will have ‘the same face,’ they will not look exactly like you your doll. Like the popular Bloom dolls or the Doll Coco awhile back, people will wear this but still have the option to go back to “their shape” any time.

LOGO Chloe Mesh

In addition to the included Makeup HUD, there are 3 more HUDs available for purchase as an add-on. If you want even more Blush, Lipstick, or Eyeshadows, you’ll definitely want to pick up these too.

I expected the Chloe Hybrid Mesh Head to be quite pricey, but it’s cheaper than most skin fatpacks. The package which includes all five skin tones, a Makeup HUD, and all body extras, is on sale for $2499L. If you wanted even more makeup options, the add-on eyeshadow HUD is $249L and the blush add-on HUD is $99L.


You can wear the Logo Shape included with the mesh head or wear your own body shape, like I have above. To wear your own shape, just make sure you copy your body numbers to the Logo shape, but pay attention to the neck area, make sure you’re not changing body fat too much otherwise it won’t fit perfectly. The neck width, and neck length can be adjusted to accommodate a new head size as well. The mesh head size can be re-sized by changing your shape’s head size.

I’m soooo in love with Chloe’s mesh face! Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

LOGO Chloe Mesh

LOGO Chloe Mesh

LOGO Chloe Mesh

LOGO Chloe Mesh

LOGO Chloe Mesh

Visit LOGO  to check out Chloe!

Did you guys try Chloe? Do you love it? How do you feel about wearable Mesh Heads?

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