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De-Orange Me

De-Orange me

Have you ever wanted to be a little less orange or add a touch of pink to your skin tone? I wanted to color-correct the new Bryn skin in midtone that I got from Lara Hurley Skins. I like the skin, but the face and body is heavily shaded, a little too orange for my taste.

De-Orange me
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LeLutka Mesh Head / Fleur

LeLutka Mesh Head / Fleur

Have you ever felt that you needed a push to make a change? That push for me came on Friday night when I saw that LeLutka released the new Fleur head. It brightened my entire weekend, and I spent hours working on my new face. I try to recreate my face on many different heads, which isn’t impossible if you choose the same products (skin, eyes, etc.).

Making a new shape is something I enjoy doing, but I see many of my friends struggle with it. Even though I have a LeLutka evolution shape that I made for the Lake head before, it did NOT fit Fleur at all. The eyeballs popped out and the face looked like a deflated balloon. It almost turned me away from the head, but I decided to think of Fleur as a whole new ‘brand’, and went to work giving myself virtual plastic surgery. LOL!!

LeLutka Mesh Head / Fleur
Lara Hurley & Glam Affair skins

When I choose a new head, I always make sure I find the skin that I like to pair it with before spending hours making my shape & purchasing. Fleur just released less than 48 hours ago, so there are very few skins made specifically for Fleur. You may think that because a skin is labelled “for Lelutka BoM” or “for LeLutka Evolution” it would fit on ALL of the heads, but you would be very disappointed.

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The 21 Challenge

The 21 Challenge

Do you know what a 21 year old looks like? Sometimes an avatar created by a younger user is told they look too young, according to those who are older.

This group of people disagreed on the issue, due to generational differences of their perception of a woman in that age group. True, the thread had factors such as the sim owner being able to impose whatever rule they wanted on their land and who was allowed there. This, however, is not about the sim owner’s prerogative. It’s about how users in Second Life consider young adults and what they think they actually look like.

I think many times in Second Life, we disagree about what a young adult appears as. We all grew up during different decades, and our heyday has given us an implied bias. For me, the picture above is what I think someone who’s 21 can look like. She’s following an e-girl trend (though not all do), and is willing to try a lot of different wild trends because she’s got the money and freedom to do so. I, however, am a Millenial. Maybe you think differently about this than I do.

What do you think the answer is? Take a picture, post a blog, tag it on IHeartSL with “21Challenge”, and let’s see the results! I want to know the answers others come up with.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Gaia Skin
Pink Fuel – Hyper Glitz Eyeshadow
Dolly – Egirl makeup
Yummy – Free spirit rings
Lamb – Wolf hair
Coco – Crop Tee
Cureless – Toony Choker
Krankhaus – Airman jacket

Future Forecast: What’s next for Second Life?

Future Forecast: What's next for Second Life?

Don’t fret. Second Life is very likely not going to shut down within even a year’s time. In fact, the recent buyout looks like a good thing!

Change is scary, but the extra cash flow might be what gives Second Life its… well, second life. If Linden Lab makes its move to the cloud by the end of the year, it can sustain its userbase for a while longer until it finally crosses the threshold of being unprofitable.

So for now, the game is safe! You should enjoy it without any worry. Of course… there are some things that can shorten SL’s lifespan in the long run. Can you guess what I’m going to say here? Let’s go over them again, and zoom out a bit to see what else might be a contender down the line for the Lab’s income.

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