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LOGO Chelsea Mesh Head

LOGO - Chelsea Mesh Head

Say hello to my new face!

I’m wearing the free LOGO Chelsea Mesh head from the LOGO 15th anniversary event. I feel like I’ve come full circle with my faces, cos the very first mesh head that I loved was LOGO’s Chloe. Maximillion Grant is an old friend whom I consider to be a pioneer in mesh heads. We’ve come a long way in SL with mesh heads, but I don’t think we have peaked. The latest thing to wow you is just right around the corner.

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Dya’s Southern Twilight

Dya's Southern Twilight

Hello from The Big Easy! Dya’s Southern Twilight is a photogenic New Orleans inspired region.

For my outfit today, I am pairing the newly released Malika Bralet & Willow Mixed Jacket from The Secret Store with an older release, the Elaine Scallop Shorts. A few weeks ago, I was watching Maylee Oh on Twitch live-stream creating this jacket, and now I’m wearing it! Maylee is a multi-talented creator, not only does she create beautiful outfits in Second Life, but she’s also a prolific artist in real life.

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Glitch Motel

Glitch Motel

Hello from the Glitch Motel! Fans of the Bates Motel movie/tv series will instantly recognize this iconic hotel-inspired sim. I know you can’t see the hotel in my photos, but I promise it’s amazing, come check it out!

Glitch Motel

Do you know of any other tv-inspired places in SL? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:
Exile – Felicia (B)
Pixicat – Rowan Dress (White)
Ingenue – Minerva Heels

Love Momma; Pregnant in Second Life

Love Momma

There’s a baby in there!

The Love Momma body will be released sometime in the future and it will be the first body of its kind where an avatar could experience the entire pregnancy cycle and even give birth to a newborn at the end. How incredible is that? Even if I have no interest in roleplaying a pregnant woman, I can see that this will be huge in Second Life for residents interested in this type of experience.

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Even If It’s Online, You Should Pay Decent Wages For Virtual Jobs

Even If It's Online, You Should Pay Decent Wages For Virtual Jobs

You mean to tell me, in the Year Of Our Lord Two-thousand and Twenty, someone is paying less than a dollar per hour for a CSR job from a corporation that’s operating in a virtual world? You mean to say with Coronavirus running around and causing people to scramble for rent, these are the wages you wish to hire someone for?

According to the past week’s Virtual Secrets, this is the case of the gaming company MadPea. An anonymous submission for item number 18 screencaps what looks like an official job posting on behalf of the entertainment group, claiming a customer service job needs fifteen hours a week’s time in exchange for 2500 Lindens. In case you were not aware of the current selling rate, that’s a scant more than ten dollars a week.

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