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New Year, New Body

New Year, New Body
The Skinnery – Luna BodySkin

For what feels like over ten years, the Pink Fuel body has been my absolute go-to. Somehow I managed to pair it successfully with a variety of bodies and mesh heads. Lately, skin creators seem to focus more on designing just head skins and suggest we find body skins from other brands like Velour. But I’ve kept up, even matching the most recent head skins to my trusted Pink Fuel body.

However, the other day, I felt the urge to try something new for my body skin. What I discovered was fascinating; Second Life brands have outdone themselves. The array of tattoo layer enhancements is staggering. They range from the usual details like wrinkles and body shadows to the more unique ones, including pregnancy looks and scars.

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This whole look is giving me San Junipero 80’s vibes! The Merry Look gacha set from M.birdie is an 80s dream combining pinks and blues together! I am wearing the TopB paired with SkirtB. I wish I could “turn off” the attached hand bag on the top, or even better, if it came with 2 versions.


Haven you seen this dreamy Paradiso skybox & decor gacha from Haikei? I could decorate my entire sim with builds from this brand, but some of them are skyboxes. I prefer real homes with doors and porches, but brands take shortcuts and create skyboxes so they don’t have to build the exterior. There’s no rule in SL that you can’t rez a HOUSE in the sky, I do it all the time. Leave a comment down below if you want real houses!


What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – Delaney
M.Birdie – Merry Look (Earring, Shoes, Skirt B2, Top B1)
alaskametro – Spring Fling Nail Art
Pink Fuel – Diamond Shine (Nudes)
Pink Fuel – Sugar Rush (Eyeshadow)