The kimono from the Zenith is adorable! Zenith always surprises me with their creativity and ability to create for multiple genres. In addition to casual clothing, sometimes they release these wonderful traditional outfits, including matching accessories. I went to The Epiphany this morning and played just enough times to get the kimono, so I don’t have all the accessories for this outfit, but it’s still amazing! This is my first outfit from Zenith with built-in hands, which I think is neat if I had all the accessories cos they’re meant to go with them. Even if I had the accessories, I’ve noticed that they’re tiny baby hands!

If you want these items, check the Marketplace, I’ve already seen some items listed on there at pull price. I had an interesting experience this morning at The Epiphany. Since it’s opening day, the lag was especially bad. I played 2 machines that took my money and didn’t deliver anything. Then, I won this Rare Analog Dog hair but it was missing the color HUD. There was a free Analog Dog hair pack at the event, so I bought it and saw that it had all the color HUDs, so I tried the Dark Brown one and it worked on my hair. Yay!


I’m not a huge fan of gacha, but I like going for the experience. I use to want ALL the pieces, but now I just try to work with what I have, and enjoy mixing it with items in my inventory.

What I’m Wearing:

Analog Dog – Joy A (Dark Browns) Rare
Zenith – Shen le Kimono(Tiffany)
Zenith – Shen le Headpiece (Lemon)
Zenith – Rainy Day Umbrella Necklace (Golden)
Ingenue – Melisande Heels (Seafoam)