Life in Plastic

Isn’t this hair amazing? Life in Plastic by Exile is fantastic, baby! There are so many things I want to blog about, but no time to fully research them. For example, Baked on Mesh – someone give me a summary! I am not interested in wearing old skins, or old system anything, but I think with Baked on Mesh, we can wear more layers and not rely on HUDs! I’ll play with this when I have time and blog about it in the future.

Another news that is interesting is the E2V Vendor system is retiring (self-hosted will continue running), so if you have gift cards and store credits, redeem those if they don’t transfer when merchants switch to a new vendor system. I have already received several notices from brands in SL that are able to continue using E2V. I can’t imagine how much panic this is causing on the grid, and merchants have a short time to find a new system.

Earlier this year, I had to switch my rental system to something else, since HippoTech retired. I have used Hippo since I bought my sim nearly a decade ago. I paid a small fee and got my money’s worth out of that system, so no complaints. It was easy enough to switch my rental system to something else since I have only a handful of tenants to set up.

There are so many scripted things that brands (and customers) rely on in SL, if they were to disappear suddenly, it would disrupt the market. I feel like we need to appreciate scripted things more, and pay scripters even more. They’re definitely the people who keep SL running smoothly, right behind the talented creators.

Life in Plastic

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Life In Plastic
The Secret Store – Hazel Tank Top (Milk)
The Secret Store – Cora Belted Bottoms (Bloom)
Ingenue – Holl Flats (Cotton)