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I’m on a boat… bar

I'm on a boat… bar

I went to my friend Britnee’s houseboat to set up the Brighton Boat Bar set from Cheeky Pea. You can rez it on land or on water, but I think it’s super cute on water! There’s enough seating for at least six of your friends!

My outfit today is the Bomia look outfit from M.Birdie. Don’t ask me how many times I had to play this gacha to get an outfit that color coordinates. TOO MANY. I now have several complete outfits, lol.

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Summer Fete

Summer Fete

New Truth Hair colors! I like that natural hair colors are now joined into a single pack, so you get both the light and dark colors. I’m a fan of the new Selection pack too, which has a bit of both natural hair colors and rainbow colors. It’s great to see brands constantly improving their products, so that customers can get the best deals.

New Truth Hair Color Packs – Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Grayscale, Candy, Jewel, Multitone 1, Multitone 2, Selection

Old Truth Hair Color Packs – Light Blondes, Blondes, Light Browns, Browns, Gingers, Reds, Black&Whites, Pastels, Colours, Variety

I am wearing the newest Scout hairstyle from Truth. I noticed that the newer hairstyles now include a Hair Stylist HUD to change the different options. It wasn’t difficult to change the hairstyles before, but I really appreciate this new addition, cos now I don’t have to change the hairstyle and recolor it. It’s also fun to swap between the options quickly and see their differences.

Summer Fete

I’m sitting on the new Palisades Bar & Accessories from What Next. I love home decor with food & drinks included! I like juicy fruits the best; nothing says tropical summer goodness like lemons and limes.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Scout
Tres Blah – Summer Fete Dress @ The Arcade
Ingenue – Lykke Heels (Emerald) @ The Arcade
What Next – Palisades Bar & Accessories