In my Stilt Linden Home

Hello from my Linden Home! By April of this year, it will have been 4 years since I claimed my first Linden Home. Time goes by quickly! I’ve been thinking a lot about my Linden Homes, including how much I’m spending on my region. I won’t say how many Linden Homes I had at my peak, but I have four of them now. I’ve given up homes in the same theme in the past month and decided to just keep one with any theme I like. I’m still trying to leave even more, and unless the next theme interests me, I’ll probably end up with just three homes. Like everyone else, I’m still waiting for those 2048 Linden Homes.

Since the Concierge Linden Home service for Premium Plus came out, people have asked me to leave my homes so they can ticket for it. Sorry, but that’s not how it works. Abandoned homes go into a queue for anybody to get from the Land Page on the Second Life website. I’ve always thought the ticketing process was highly inefficient and there has to be a more instant solution. Even if I wanted to abandon a house for someone to use their Premium Plus to claim, they can’t without risking the house being taken by other residents.

View from my beautiful Traditional Linden Home
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