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Cozy Spaces

Cozy Spaces

Happy Sunday! There’s something incredibly charming about smaller spaces— they radiate coziness, and it’s quite simple to create a full, inviting room with just a few pieces. With the help of my friend, Fay Starlight, we’ve assembled three delightful rooms using furniture and decor from the latest Anthology releases.

Cozy Spaces
Bazar – Kay Bedroom

The bedroom we designed showcases the Kay bedroom set by Bazar, which offers a complete suite for crafting a comfortable space. It includes a bed with an array of textures at your fingertips, as well as a classic fireplace that brings a slice of warmth and realism to the setting.

Cozy Spaces

Moving over to the living room, we selected items from Blue Sky, another gem found at Anthology. The Alpaca armchairs and ottoman by Blue Sky add a touch of whimsy with their delightful fuzzy texture. The centerpiece here is the splendid Blue Sky Cusco Console, complemented by an elegant Gold Leaf Abstract artwork, versatile enough to harmonize with decor accessories from various home and garden creators.

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Previously in Second Life

Gather & Nest

Welcome to another Previously in Second Life post!

On August 1st, I launched Gather & Nest, your guide to Linden Homes & Land in Second Life. This is a blog and community site, be sure to follow us on Discord and X (formerly Twitter) Community for all the latest news.

Here are some interesting news around the grid you may have missed:

I <3 SL Skins – Elle's Noob Days continue….

Just an Irrelevant Pretty Picture

My return to Second Life has been, overall, uncomplicated. I logged in, got addicted to Linden Homes, and of course, I shopped. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed in the fashion choices in Second Life: So-Many-Outfits-Look-Exactly-The-Same. I spent many an hour visiting the latest events attempting to find that perfect new outfit. Alas, 75% of the time, my event shopping resulted in disappointment. I don’t know if it’s the demos the designers decide to use or if the efforts are just – bad. The pattern continues – I teleport to the current “Event Du Jour,” and an advert catches my eye. With the flick of my mouse, I would click that demo prim faster than you could say “Lindens.” Then, excitedly I would port home to one of my, err, seven Linden Homes and gleefully try the demo, and more often than not, the demo unveiling would reveal a horrible plastic-looking shirt with no depth or a skirt that was just..sad. But…not the Skin featured in the plethora of events: Oh My…Not the Skin.

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