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Pepe Skins
Pepe Skin – Delina V2 (Cake) skin with lots of tattoo makeup fixes

Wow, tattoo makeup layers are amazing! So I snagged Pepe Skins’ new Delina skin over the weekend for a sweet L$100 deal. This skin is incredibly gorgeous, and it hardly needed any tweaks on my part. Included with the skin is a neck blend that stretches down to the cleavage – not totally my thing, so I just used Velour’s no-cost body neck fix to seamlessly merge the face and body skins.

Let me tell you, layering can get tricky, but when you nail it, it feels like magic. It’s all about the right sequence and a bit of hue play to get that perfect match. Personally, I opt for a lighter base layer and then enrich it with deeper shades – it’s always easier to darken than to lighten.

Tattoo Makeup Layers:

  • Velour – Body Neckfix (Icy) Evo X
    (tinted to match body, free @ Velour store)
  • Glam Affair – Face Shadow 20%
    (included with some GA skins previously)
  • Glam Affair – Face Shadow (Ears) 20%
    (If you use the Face Shadow, use the ears layer too)
  • Amara Beauty – Amalia Lipstick Evo X (Nude)
    (to cover up the splotchy dark middle of the lips)
  • Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Eyeliner black A
  • Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – 04 blush / Contour Remover
  • Glam Affair – Rosie Brows Toner White
    (tinted brown)
  • Pepe Skins – Delina V2 / Cake NB
  • cheLLe – Powderpuff (Translucent 10)
    (tinted to match Pepe’s cake tone / tip: put this layer underneath all of the face tattoo layers so that it only tints the body)

The charm of adding tattoo layers for me is that I’ve collected them over time. I wouldn’t even consider purchasing a skin that required me to invest in a whole new set of layers to get it right. And for L$100? This skin is a steal, looking fab even bare.

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Fresh News

Little World

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day from the charming nooks of Little World in Second Life! This region brims with photographic opportunities amidst its urban landscape, and the intricate lighting effects add a magical touch.


Exciting news for all you Second Life fashion enthusiasts—Truth, the highly celebrated hair brand, has made a dazzling re-entry into the clothing scene! A little-known fact is that this isn’t his first clothing release. Truth was originally a clothing brand before becoming a hair brand, and even created a clothing brand called Alt in 2016. It’s quite nostalgic to look back at my blog post from nearly a decade ago and realize I’m still rocking the same Maitreya Lara. If it’s good, don’t change it!

Truth – Kingston Sweater, Kingston Joggers

I believe Truth’s foray into apparel exudes the same excellence and attention to detail as the hairstyles we all love. His latest offerings, the Kingston Sweater and Kingston Joggers, boast a spectrum of hues, from delicate pastels to subdued darks, catering to every palette. The cropped pants perfectly showcases your chosen footwear. Have you ever tried to find shoes that pairs well with long pants in Second Life without clipping? It’s impossible.

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Valentine’s Day festivities in Second Life are a joy, regardless of your virtual relationship status. As someone who’s happily hitched in the non-digital world, I’ve always roamed through this virtual landscape solo. Honestly, it’s never been an issue for me; I adore getting into the holiday spirit and dressing up for the occasion.

My exploration last year took me to the delightful Dunk & Hug a Linden & Mole Event, a first for me, and it was incredibly fun. Donned as a charming Victorian lady, I had such a wonderful time that I’m tempted to revive that persona for this year’s celebration. The allure of that period’s romantic charm is simply irresistible to me.

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Seaside Sweets Shop

Seaside Sweets Shop

Hello from the charming Seaside Sweets Shop, lovingly decorated by the talented Fay Starlight. This Traditional Linden Home has been transformed into a delightful sweet shop featuring cozy decor and an abundance of complimentary treats and beverages.

I’m fond of the adorable kawaii cafes scattered throughout Bellisseria and hope that the moles will grace us with many more such quaint spots across the continent. To me, the essence of a vibrant community encompasses more than just living spaces; it includes retail establishments and perhaps even a quaint chapel.

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Lindens & Residents Snowball Fight

Lindens & Residents Snowball Fight 2023

I went to the Lindens & Residents Snowball Fight at Winter Wonderland to test drive my new Dell Alienware computer. This is my second time attending the snowball fight event, the first time was last year. The Winter Wonderland venue is beautiful, but this year the lag was noticeably higher than last year, probably because 60+ residents were in attendance.

Even with the lag, I could tell my new computer rendered everything beautifully, though I couldn’t really move at all. When other residents shoot you 3 times, you die, and you’re immediately teleported back to the entrance.

Lindens & Residents Snowball Fight 2023
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12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas, free skins!

12 Days of Christmas is here! The biggest Christmas tradition in Second Life is the free mesh head from LeLutka! It surpasses every event on the grid that I can think of, and residents look forward to this. I can’t imagine if LeLutka doesn’t give a gift head one year, would Christmas get canceled?

I went to all of the participating skin stores and picked out 4 skins that are very pretty and fit well with the free Noel head. Most of these are for EvoX and work with light Velour skin tones. I was going to blend these head skins into my usual Pink Fuel body skins, but then I found out that I already have the Velour BoM body skins as part of the Maitreya LaraX update. I wish skin brands would start including the bodies with their skins again. There’s no reason to sell bodies separately, just throw it all in there. A lot of brands are already giving out FREE body skins, cos that makes sense. It’s already very complex to match different mesh heads with different bodies, appliers, and BoM, so just give us the body so we’re not left wondering why our bodies aren’t matching our faces.

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Maitreya Lara Update – LaraX

Comparing Maitreya Lara vs LaraX

The Maitreya Lara body is nearly a decade old and it’s still going strong. Despite other bodies on the grid looking quite good, I’m kind of loyal to the Maitreya body because I like the body shape and the HUD. If you own the Lara body, wear the HUD and hit the redelivery button to get the free update.

So what’s all the rage about LaraX? My first impression is that I really like the new smaller shoulders. The other updates are not that noticeable to me, so even though Maitreya says to consider this a whole new body, it’s basically the same body with some tweaks. However, the change is enough that most items created for Lara will no longer fit. You can always switch back and forth between the two body versions as needed.

The mesh of the LaraX body is also smoother and more defined. The geometry has a better flow, resulting in a rounder and softer body. LaraX has:

  • Rounder wrists and ankles
  • Thinner wrists
  • Reshaped shoulders
  • More defined groin area
  • Reshaped arms

Because of these changes to the weights and to the mesh, content made for Lara will most often not fit LaraX. LaraX should be considered a new body, requiring content that has been made in her specific size and with her specific weights.

We will keep offering the original Lara body (V5.3) alongside the LaraX body. They will come together in the package. So that you can switch between them according to your needs. 

Maitreya Blog

What’s included in the Maitreya Mesh Body LaraX package? A lot! I was pleasantly surprised to find mesh lingerie from Addams, Blueberry, and Velour included. There are also body parts mods included for Appliers and Bakes on Mesh (BoM).

Maitreya Lara Update – LaraX
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Wings hair from the 11.11 sale!

In China, November 11 is celebrated as Singles’ Day, originally a celebration for single people that has transformed into a major online retail event. Chinese consumers take advantage of discounts and promotions, making it the world’s largest shopping festival. Singles’ Day has expanded globally, showcasing the power of e-commerce.

For the past few years, Second Life brands have promoted 11/11 as a shopping event offering discounts to residents. It’s an opportunity for brands to capture the consumer spending market before the glut of Black Friday sales. This year, some of my favorite brands are participating in 11/11, so I took advantage of the discount to stock up on items I didn’t already own.

I was at Toksik to see if there was anything I wanted that I didn’t already own, but unfortunately, I already owned everything I wanted. Then my friend Sasy said, “You need to go to Wings… beautiful hair!” so I went and bought some hairstyles that I didn’t already own. I picked up six new hairstyles from Wings, with prices ranging from L$150-L$160 per hair color pack.

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Lilith, new LeLutka Mesh Head

LeLutka - Lilith Mesh Head
LeLutka – Lilith Mesh Head & Glam Affair – Damned Mask

Have you seen Lilith, the new LeLutka mesh head? The collaboration between LeLutka, Glam Affair, and Velour is so timely for Halloween. This mesh head includes add-on horns that you can wear to create a uniquely demonic look. I’m wearing the Lilith Damned Mask from Glam Affair over my skin (also from Glam Affair). I never thought I would be sporting a demonic look, but it suits me here. I predict this mesh head will launch a whole new underworld roleplay in Second Life, it’s that good. Will there be mesh accessories created for Lilith horns? Will there be hair created specifically for Lilith horns? I’m completely blown away at how well done this head is, and you’re getting a deal because it can also be worn as a regular head.

LeLutka - Lilith Mesh Head

When I try on a new mesh head, I always edit the shape a little bit to see if it’s something I could wear. Then if I like it, I go all in and spend hours editing my shape until it’s exactly right. I’m on version 10 right now of my new Lilith shape, tweaking the sliders so that the face and profile look great. I was wearing Ubon, which was released just 8 months ago, and still feels very new to me. I have a few favorites from the LeLutka releases, but I do like to change and not be stuck wearing one mesh head for a long time.

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