Summer in the City

Good morning from the beautiful City of Portofino!

The latest round of the Anthology event has just opened, brimming with summery delights! There are so many tempting accessories and makeups this time around. I couldn’t resist dashing straight for the Asuna Sunglasses from BONDI and the Tifa Sandals from C’est La Vie. Make sure to check out the shopping guide on Seraphim.

For today’s look, I’ve paired my Anthology treasures with the stylish Sonya Sweater & Top from Tetra. Tetra always delivers immaculate creations, so I typically don’t scrutinize the mesh quality. However, this time I noticed a few issues—the back of the sweater wasn’t rigged quite right, with some odd breaks around the back and arms in standard poses. This is a good reminder that, no matter how much you trust a brand, it’s always wise to demo and inspect an item from every angle.

All the photos in this post were taken using a PBR viewer with minimal editing. I simply cropped the images and added a subtle blur to the background. With the current conversation around overly processed SL photos, fueled by AI enhancements, I prefer to keep my editing minimal. Due to time constraints, I spend only a minute or two on each photo, primarily focusing on cropping and saving the file.

Happy shopping and enjoy the summer vibes!

Summer in the City
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