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Senra Update

Senra - Jamie

Last year, when I first tried on the Senra Jamie avatar, my impression was far from positive. It seemed like a regression, a relic not up to par with the advances in Second Life. Despite claims from the Senra defenders that these models aren’t trying to outshine the mesh avatars from Second Life’s creators, or that they are perfectly adequate for newbies, I wasn’t convinced. Surely, new residents are entitled the very best that Second Life has to offer.

Unaware that these avatars were still in their beta phase, I didn’t anticipate further improvements. However, with the announcement of a recent update to Senra, they piqued my interest enough to take a second look.

Slipping into the updated version of the Senra Jamie mesh head with last year’s shape, I noticed some changes. The mesh had a subtle overhaul—still not stunning, akin to sculpting a water balloon, but Jamie now looked marginally improved. The texture of the skin remains a low point, though; until the best skin designers on Second Life step in to upgrade Jamie, she’s doomed to be somewhat of a featureless form.

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Senra Beta Avatars

Senra Beta Avatars
Wearing Exile – Insomnia hair

Senra is here! When I showed you the NUX Senra Avatars on me two weeks ago, I did not edit the shape or wore anything in my inventory (because I had none on the beta grid).

Second Life announced the Senra Beta Avatars are now available to everyone via the library and a starter avatar web page with options for new users. After playing around with the shape and trying on two old system skins that I didn’t delete from my inventory, I decided to just wear the included Senra Jamie skin. Don’t even try to retrofit old skins or clothing, it’ll leave you feeling deep sadness.

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