Hello Kitty Village

I went Hello Kitty Village last night, to see my childhood favorites interpreted digitally. The 4 regions are stamped with Hello Kitty everywhere, free rides if you can bear the lag, and a few shopping items made by Astralia, in collaboration a brand in real life called JimmyPaul. You can read all about the event on the AstraliaWorld site.

Some time ago, Astralia received licensing rights from Sanrio to sell Second Life content (decor, clothing) with Sanrio characters on them, with the most recognizable character being Hello Kitty. Brands in real life have cashed in on the appeal of Hello Kitty & friends for decades, so it wasn’t a surprise to see it eventually make its way into the virtual world.

Hello Kitty Village

The Astralia x Hello Kitty 45th anniversary event runs from November 1st – November 15th. This theme-park like event is packed with rides, photo-op places, and some clothing & decor by Astralia. You can pay the event $799L for a souvenir picture, or you can be like me and take your own selfie! I saved money by buying nothing at this event, which wasn’t hard, since I don’t like plastic kiddy colors.

Hello Kitty Village
Tip: You can get a free balloon by clicking the giant gift box in the VIP area.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Blur the Line
  • Empire – Letter Necklace
  • Ingenue – Holly Flats (Blush)
  • Ricielli – Leah Sweater, Shorts