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New Linden Homes

New Linden Homes

“Hey Cake! Where’ve you been?” Drawing comics for money and enjoying life. I’m working on a comic book for a mainstream company now, so I’m pretty excited! That series will be released in August. Nationwide. I’m a pro now!

But that’s not why I’m writing this, right? Let’s talk about Linden Homes!

I managed to check these out when the Home and Garden Expo was running, and the preview was pretty cool. So when they were released, I hopped on the chance to snag one. Gogo and I registered around the same time, so I was hoping to get one on the waterfront like she did. Just so you know–homes are randomly assigned! BUT, all of these houses are landscaped very nicely. I didn’t get one on the waterfront, but I still love my house anyway.

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