Have you ever heard of Lootbox? Instead of winning rare items individually, you win a rare lootbox with the special items inside it. I wanted the Wonderland set from Astralia, cos for some reason I can’t resist anything Wonderland themed. I love being Alice! I went through my old blog posts and found some Alice looks that I wore years ago, and realized that my style was more fun then.

Speaking of Wonderland themed items, can you guys send me some links to stuff that I don’t know about? I want clothes, decor, anything!


Before you play for this Astralia set, beware that the pose included with the background doesn’t look exactly like my picture (or the vendor ad). The arm holding the bottle does not bend that way, I edited the pose myself so what you get won’t look anything like this.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Rumor
Astralia – Wonderland Gacha
Blueberry – Cocodoll Set (Sky) & Bracelets/Necklace
Katat0nik – Cards1 Wonderland Pendant