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Snow Rabbit (W01X) Mesh Head

Snow Rabbit (W01X) Mesh Head

It’s no secret that I love mesh heads and skins. If you look at my blogging history, you’ll see that I’m always eager to try on a new face, and I get really excited with each advance in mesh head technology and features. Skin Fair 2024 just opened, and although I’ve said it in jest that it’s like Christmas for me, this is overwhelmingly true. Everything is brand new. I can’t wait to try it all!

Back in 2013, everyone fell in love with the Snow Rabbit (S@R) Nea mesh head. I remember being thrilled by the facial animations, particularly the incredibly realistic crying and animated tears.

Now, more than a decade later, Snow Rabbit continues to release adorable mesh heads, and their latest, the W01X, truly caught my eye. It’s available at Skin Fair for 30% off – and it’s compatible with LeLutka’s EvoX skins. The compatibility with EvoX piqued my interest, as I have a collection of EvoX skins and makeups that I’m eager to use.

Every time I acquire a new mesh head, I evaluate it on how easily I can shape the head to look attractive. Do all the sliders work as expected? How smooth are the animations? Does the HUD offer robust customization options? The Snow Rabbit W01X mesh head meets all these criteria for me and delivers a solid option that I believe many will adore.

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LAQ Era2 Mesh Head

LAQ - Era2 Mesh Head
LAQ Era2 Mesh Head – Elle 1 (SupremeUHD)

Remember when LAQ was known as Laqroki? Almost everyone in Second Life had a signature LAQ complexion at some point—realistic skins with sweet faces and flawless features. To this day, I hold Mallory Cowen’s skin textures in high regard; they are the epitome of perfection. Her craftsmanship in creating enchantingly soft features set the standard for realistic and supple skins in Second Life.

The market for mesh heads within Second Life is undeniably competitive now. Numerous brands are launching their exclusive high-definition UV templates, with some even partnering with LeLutka to create EvoX-compatible options. LAQ’s latest innovation is the Era2 mesh head (Elle), boasting their sophisticated SupremeUHD head that comes bundled with a skin, an EvoX head, and a classic Standard SLUV head—truly enough choices for everyone. From my perspective, to truly capture the SupremeUHD’s detail, skin creators should release skins for SupremeUHD and not create EvoX skins for LAQ, it would never do the head justice.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from Aurelias! 🎄 Join us for some seasonal cheer on this second day of the 12 days of Christmas. Our festive decor is still up, and we’re serving hot cocoa and roasted chestnuts. The Christmas spirit will last a while, so make sure to drop by and soak up the festive vibes!

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Pepe Skins – Mocha

Left: Pepe Skins – Mocha skin | Right: with tattoo layers

Whenever I see a Second Life skin advertisement, I always think, “But does it really look like that?” I stumbled upon Pepe Skins recently and after trying on a dozen or so faces, I selected one that I thought looked very sweet and definitely something I could wear.

I’m wearing the Mocha skin from Pepe Skins here, along with the body skin. The skin is created for LeLutka EvoX, and includes Brows or No brows available in just one color. This skin brand doesn’t offer much with the skin, unlike other brands where you can get at least a few brow colors and some makeup. I found the neck shading too heavy/reddish tone and overall the body skin is just grainy but I chose to wear it here cos I couldn’t make it work with my usual body skin and neck fade layers. But overall, the faces on Pepe Skins are all very pretty. They also participate in weekend sales so you can get a cheap skin to try out!

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Genus Project 2.0 Update

Genus Baby 2.0

I was not waiting for the Genus Project mesh head update because I haven’t worn it since the end of 2020. Then I saw a notice recently that there was an update, so I wondered if all of the previous issues with the HUD and eyes were resolved. When I first tried on the Genus Project Baby mesh head back in April 2019, I liked it a lot and it became my main head for over a year, even though it had issues from the start! Those issues were never updated, so eventually customers and brands flocked to other brands.

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LeLutka Vivian Mesh Head

LeLutka - Vivian Mesh Head

I was not expecting to try another mesh head so soon after Ubon, but I could not resist trying on this LeLutka Vivian head at Skin Fair. This event opens on March 10th, but you can join the Juniper Events group to gain early access. I’m a blogger, so I gained entry through SL Bloggerati and was able to go a little earlier for the media preview. I really appreciate when events have early access groups for people that aren’t official bloggers. More events and brands should utilize media preview groups to get even more coverage.

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LeLutka Raven; free mesh head

LeLutka Raven
Wearing LeLutka Raven + avarose Raven skin

Joy to the grid! I look forward to the month of December for all of the fabulous events and free gifts. My inventory is exploding from Shop and Hop. Just when I think I’m all caught up, the LeLutka Holiday Special begins and there are gifts from 54 designers. The event ends on December 30th, so you have a few days left to get the gifts before they’re gone. Check out the Seraphim shopping guide for a closer look at the items.

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