Second Life makes a lot of effort to get users to upgrade to Premium Plus, but they keep falling short. I occasionally upgrade my alts to Plus in order to get the Linden Home concierge service, but none of the other features—not even the larger land holdings—interest me. I was immediately interested in reading today’s blog post on the new SpeedLight benefit for Plus members. Even though I don’t to use Second Life on my phone, it would be convenient to be able to send money, chat with friends, and perform some basic land administration.

What exactly is SpeedLight and do you need Premium Plus to use it? SpeedLight is a mobile viewer that is free to use. You don’t need Plus or Gold (which costs L$1,990 Lindens a month) unless you want to utilize some extra features like 3D World. So I thought to myself, if 3D World renders Second Life as good as the low graphics settings on a viewer, I would be okay with that.

SpeedLight viewer
Photo taken on Aurelias w/ SpeedLight
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