Aurelias Fables & Fairytales
Aurelias-Sparkle Skye Bridge

Welcome to Aurelias! Sparkle and I are thrilled to introduce you to our enchanting town that we’re so excited to bring back. Instead of recreating our original town that we love so much, we have chosen to embark on a new adventure with a darker twist – welcome to Aurelias Fables & Fairytales.

Imagine a town filled with Victorian charm, where surprises await you at every corner. Aurelias has been transformed into a place where time moves slower, eagerly awaiting your exploration. As you meander through the forest, prepare to encounter an unexpected graveyard. It is a place that is both eerie and enchanting, where the wind carries ancient tales.

If you enjoy serene landscapes and nature, make sure to visit the swamplands of Aurelias. It will take you through lush and mysterious swamps, promising an amazing view with unpredictable weather – so bring an umbrella!

Aurelias Fables & Fairytales
The Aurelias Swamplands
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