Happy Friday, everyone in Second Life! I’m excited about this new set of poses I found. The Erin pose & anim pack from Goyo comes with cute headphones, perfect for enjoying music or snapping fun photos. What I appreciate most is that each pose has an animation, plus a flipped version. However, I did notice my fingers were not positioned perfectly in some poses, which made me tweak them using the poser in the Black Dragon viewer. It’s not my usual viewer, but it’s pretty useful for these adjustments.

Ever put on a skin and felt like it could use a bit more shine? I found this Highlighter set by Izzie’s that offers lots of options to add a nice glow to your skin. The skin that I’m wearing, Emery from Glam Affair, already looked good, but I couldn’t resist adding a bit more highlight to areas like the eyes, forehead, and the area just above the lip.

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