Stroll through the woods

Hello from Aurelias woods! I wore a super cute outfit for my walk here, which is the Punk Doll Set from Red Blossom. You can buy the dress or the shoes separately. This outfit is really adorable and comes with a HUD packed with lots of customization features.

Does anyone else use a PBR-enabled viewer for blogging? The lighting is way too dark, and I’m not a fan. I use a PBR viewer only occasionally, to get used to it in case it becomes mandatory. I’m not liking the intense colors, and other lighting issues don’t seem to be fixable with the EEP sliders. Plus, the water is just too bright. It feels like my complaints are ignored by Second Life, as they haven’t fixed these issues.

I’m currently trying the Alchemy viewer. There are several things I appreciate about the Alchemy viewer, like the poser, and it shares many features with Firestorm. It also offers a Lightbox with tonemapping adjustments. If you liked the BlackDragon viewer before, you might enjoy Alchemy since it doesn’t have that annoying intro music, and the controls are similar to SL/Firestorm. Unlike with BlackDragon, I don’t have to mess with key bindings for movement, which was always a hassle. The Alchemy viewer also comes with a built-in AO tab just like Firestorm. Give this viewer a shot; it seems promising.

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