Sparkle Skye - Butterfly Hair Sticks

Whether you’re a fan or not, AI photo editing isn’t going anywhere! For a long time, residents have been using photo editing apps to make their Second Life pictures look better than what’s attainable in-world by adding real hair, big smiles, and rendered bodies. Now, with AI making photo editing super easy, lots of Second Life brands are using it to help show off and sell their stuff.

Ads in Second Life are stepping up their game with AI. More and more skin ads now feature incredibly lifelike hair that surpasses what’s available in-world. It’s becoming a challenge to pinpoint where the AI effects begin or end in these ads—they’re that good at blending in. Clothing brands have showcased their apparel on 3D-generated models for a while, but nowadays, some are switching to AI-crafted models to ramp up the appeal of their clothes, although they might not look the same once you get them in-world.

Personally, I enjoy experimenting with Stable Diffusion, a generative AI photo app. These apps evolve so quickly; if you blink, you might miss an update. Models I used just a while back are no longer the best choices. AI still isn’t perfect—it can mess up hands and feet—but it’s improving rapidly.

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