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Afternoon Stroll

Afternoon Stroll

Hello from Aurelias! I’m still living out my Bridgerton dreams in Second Life. This particular look is so stunning that I’ve saved it as my default outfit. This way, I can effortlessly switch from my everyday casual look to this elegant Victorian attire with just a click.

Over the weekend, I attempted to do some shopping but came up empty-handed. My current fashion mood is all about Victorian elegance, and nothing I found quite matched that vibe.

Curiously, I decided to give the Second Life mobile app another try. The app is now available to Premium and Premium Plus members. While it’s handy for logging in and chatting with friends, I found that navigating and performing any actions within Second Life remains a significant challenge. Movement is clunky, and rendering continues to be a nightmare. It’s clear that developers are making strides, but I can’t help but wonder how long this app will linger in beta.

The mobile app, in its current state, is unlikely to attract new users. New residents would find themselves better off downloading the viewer and logging in that way. The app’s limitations also mean it doesn’t quite hit the mark for existing residents either. Access to inventory and the ability to change outfits are crucial features that are sorely missed.

So, while it’s a step in an exciting direction, the Second Life mobile app still has a long journey ahead before it becomes a viable option for both new and seasoned residents.

Afternoon Stroll
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Second Life Mobile App for IOS (Can you sit?)

Hello from the Second Life app on my iPhone 14 Pro! Welcome back to the second installment of our miniature video journey. An observant viewer commented about the portrait orientation on my last video, so I took the suggestion and filmed this video in landscape mode!

This time around, I’m wearing the complimentary Ballus Avatar Torley Tribute. Frankly, I was over the whole drab default avatar look but couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to splurge or spend ages customizing a new one.

I’ve gotten heaps of inquiries about the ability to sit on the mobile app. It’s a big deal! Whether it’s dancing with a partner on pose ball, chilling on some digital furniture, cruising in style, or engaging in more…intimate encounters, people just need to sit! So, I teleported to the Isle of View, plopped myself down on a pose ball, and after some trial and error, figured out how to get back on my feet. Slow walking is also in my skill set now, though that navigation wheel is still challenging.

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Second Life Mobile App for IOS (Private Alpha Test)

Greetings from the Second Life mobile app! Second Life is in the works to release a mobile app possibly within this year. The app will be accessible to both IOS and Android users. My experience on the iPhone 14 Pro has been quite smooth thus far. If you hold a Premium Plus membership, you’re eligible to be a part of the testing crew. Become a tester.

Currently, I’m checking out the features using my alt account since my primary account has the Premium Lifetime membership and the alpha testing is reserved for Premium Plus members. The mobile app’s functionalities are somewhat limited at the moment, but I’m hopeful that we’ll see it expand with more options soon.

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Second Life New Mobile App – Exclusively for Apple iOS!

Second Life Mobile App
New SL Mobile App for Apple iOS Devices

Second Life residents were feeling a mix of emotions after Linden Lab announced that the new mobile app for Second Life would only be available exclusively on iOS Apple devices. While some residents were thrilled to be able to access Second Life on their beloved devices, others are feeling sour. Windows and Android users expressed their dismay, with one resident exclaiming, “This is the ultimate betrayal! I’m heartbroken!”

“I’m so mad that I can’t use the app. I’ve been waiting for an app for years,” says MissNaughty210663. “This isn’t fair!”

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