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New Skin 2018

New Skin 2018

I’m diving into 2018 with a new skin! My last favorite skin was from six months ago, so I’m due for a much-needed skin update. It is definitely a new year’s miracle that I liked not one but two new skins from Glam Affair, both released within the past two weeks.

New Skin 2018

Glam Affair – Michelle

The new Michelle skin from Glam Affair (@Collabor88) will be my new skin! I still look similar than what I’m used to, cos I am sticking with the same skin brand. One of the nice things about staying with a skin brand, is that most of the makeups are interchangeable between the different faces. This is why I find it incredibly hard to change skin brands and/or skin tones!

New Skin 2018

Glam Affair – Michelle with Denise lipsticks

Before I tried on Michelle, I definitely chose the Denise skin from Glam Affair (@Uber) as my new skin. I love the lipsticks! After I tried on Michelle, I decided to wear it as my new skin instead, so now I will just wear the Denise lipsticks over the Michelle skin. I’m complicated.

How old is the skin that you’re wearing now? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – Caralisa
Blueberry – Zuzu Knotted Top