PrimFeed, another Second Life Social Media site

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of buzz lately around PrimFeed, which is touted as a Flickr alternative specifically for Second Life residents, created by a fellow resident. Interestingly, PrimFeed isn’t the only social media site exclusively for Second Life, despite such claims. Personally, I don’t use any of these Second Life-specific platforms because I prefer to share my Second Life photos and blog with the entire internet.

Why Some Second Life Residents are Upset with Flickr

The primary reasons that some residents are frustrated with Flickr often boil down to two things:

  1. They aren’t PRO users and face limitations.
  2. Frequent Terms of Service (TOS) violations, such as posting adult content and not properly moderating it, or engaging in commercial activities on a free account results the account being deleted.

Flickr offers a free option that lets users host up to 1,000 photos, provided they adhere to specific restrictions. On the other hand, PrimFeed permits adult and commercial content on free accounts but limits file sizes to 1500×1500 pixels. I believe free account limitations are justified due to the operational costs of such platforms, and Iā€™m willing to pay for a service as long as it meets my needs.

My Take on Flickr vs. PrimFeed

I’m not dissatisfied with Flickr nor am I seeking an alternative. Since signing up as a PRO member in 2007, I’ve found Flickr to be the best photo hosting service for Second Life brands and bloggers. For under $60 USD a year, I enjoy unlimited photo and video storage and the ability to embed these media into my blog seamlessly.

First Impressions of PrimFeed

PrimFeed strikes me more as a social media platform, akin to a streamlined version of X (formerly Twitter), rather than a robust image hosting site like Flickr. It offers social features but lacks the comprehensive photo hosting capabilities that Flickr provides.

In my opinion, PrimFeed is not a replacement for Flickr. It’s more of a pared-down social media platform that may or may not gain traction. Without enough paying subscribers, its sustainability is questionable due to the costs associated with hosting and bandwidth.

Here are the essential features missing from PrimFeed:

  • No viewing without a PrimFeed account and are signed in
  • No high quality image format, everything is converted/compressed to .webp
  • No favorites tab, makes it hard to revisit images I liked
  • No search, can’t find anything I’m looking for
  • No direct messaging/private messaging
  • No views count
  • No dates on gallery images
  • No groups
  • No albums
  • No tagging other people
  • No tags
  • No sharing outside of PrimFeed
  • No private photo settings
  • No embed code for your blog
  • No clickable profile links
  • No videos
  • No notifications to email
  • No custom URL/ability to change url
  • No stats who liked/shared/viewed?
  • No editing tools/batch editing for photos
  • No automatic account deletion (must send a notecard and wait 72 hours)

Is PrimFeed a reasonable replacement for Twitter? Absolutely. It’s designed to look and feel just like Twitter, ensuring you’ll feel right at home. Plus, you won’t have to deal with annoying real-life ads and irrelevant content cluttering your feed. When you evaluate PrimFeed as an alternative to Twitter, you’ll find it much more appealing.

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