Good Morning

Do you know why I’m standing in most of my SL photos? Because poses in SL are terrible when your limbs bend in any way. I want to sit down. When I do sitting poses, my limbs go into each other or the clothes or the furniture. It’s all terrible. SL has advanced so much, but we’re still using the same old poses. When brands label their poses “bento poses” it really doesn’t mean anything. Unless it’s an animation specifically for a bento mesh object (like the mesh heads animations) – static poses are still crazy. They’re made exactly the same way they have always been, and they don’t look right. I’m so tired of editing my photos to look “not crazy” in sitting poses. I’m not great at redrawing an entire limb or sleeve in photoshop, so it will always look off.

Comment on this post if you agree about the poses not fitting, EVER!!!! What can we do, as a community, to make poses work better for all of us?

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Cheri
Supernatural – My Diamonds Necklace #2, #G
Ricielli – Sweater
Ricielli – Adwoa Shorts