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Halloween Swaginator Hunt

Here lies

I don’t always do hunts in SL, but I did the Halloween Swaginator Hunt for fun. It was quick hunt with only 4 things to find! You must wear the free HUD from the Swaginator gift-giving station before you start the hunt.

Important tip: When you teleport to your locations, be sure to stand close to the grave/giant pumpkin before you click on it to receive the gifts and the next hint. The hint is spoken in local chat, so if you’re too far away, you won’t see the next hint, and the object will not repeat it (frustrating).

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Pumec | Lisa Skin

Pumec - Lisa Skin

I’m back on the SL ENVIRONMENTAL ENHANCEMENT PROJECT (EEP) viewer! If any of the developers are reading this, I don’t like the sun and moon sphere. I want sliders back! I also want the drop-down menu for Windlights back, so I can easily scroll through all of my EEP settings without right clicking to apply every single time. Also, why are my appliers appearing shaded? It’s very noticeable on the “onion skin layer” of the lips. I can’t get any of my lipstick colors to appear the way they did before EEP, without pointing the sun directly AT my face.

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SLB16 Beach

SLB16 Beach

Hello from the SLB16 beach area! I love the terraforming here at this beach, it’s a heart-shaped beach made by combining 6 sims. When I first landed here, I thought these were a preview of the new linden beach homes, got excited, then discovered that it’s not. These beach houses are made by Trompe Loeil and rezzed by Naughty Mole (love the name!).

SLB16 Beach

2019 is the year of softer and better hairlines. I was not a fan of hair bases, cos the textures never lined up right. I am a fan of built in hairlines on the hair itself. Yes! Let’s never go back to hair bases!

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FaMESHed 7th Anniversary


I went to FaMESHed not knowing that its the 7th anniversary celebration, so it was truly a surprise to see gifts from most of the brands! I love when brands give out nice gifts, so I’ve included some of them into my outfit today.


I am wearing the new Hayley hairstyle from Exile (@ Soiree), Aurora Top from Teefy (@ FaMESHed), Nicole Ruffles Skirt from Teefy, and accessorizing this outfit with ALL free gift items from FaMESHed! See my credits at the end of this post for details.

Another surprise is Mon Tissu relaunching their brand after a 5 year hiatus, with a small collection of clothing and accessories. The brand also added Apple Fall as a third designer, so it’ll be interesting to see how these three designers collaborate.


I opened a bunch of the free gifts at FaMESHed to show you that there’s some cute stuff, so be sure to visit before the event ends. Pictured: CONVAIR (MC Chair Brown-Gray), West Village (by Apple Fall; Aspidistra in Wicker Planter & Plaster Horse), unKindness (Summer Gift Art Set), Heart Garden (Summer Hanging Basket). There’s so many other home decor things not pictured here. Opening dozens of boxes can be chaotic, but I opened EVERY single gift box I grabbed and deleted anything I didn’t want, just to keep my inventory from being crazy.


Free clothing & accessories gifts: Masoom (Sheryl Dress), Breathe (So Feng Heels), Dead Dollz (Hush Lingerie Set), BONDI (The Traveler Hat), Belle Epoque (Africa Bag), Ayashi (Jessie Hair), Elikatira (Misha hair), Neve (FaMESHed gift dress), Sarafina (Blume Earring)

What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Hayley hair @ Soiree
  • Pink Fuel – Kiera (Biscuit) for LeLutka
  • Sarafina – Blume Earrings (Silver) Gift @ FaMESHed
  • Belle Epoque – Africa Bag Gift @ FaMESHed
  • Teefy – Aurora Top @ FaMESHed
  • Teefy – Nicole Ruffles Skirt
  • Breathe – So Feng Heels

New Face; GENUS Project | Pink Fuel

New Face

Mesh heads are probably the most expensive thing you can buy your avatar in SL; most of them cost over $5,000L. I don’t change my head often due to price (plus having to buy all new add-ons and skins), and the learning curve. All of the heads require a different shape and figuring out how the HUD works.

New Face
Pink Fuel – Delina Skin for GENUS Project (out soon at The Epiphany)

As you know, I have worn the LeLutka mesh heads almost exclusively since they came out. I saw Kavar using Genus Project heads a lot in his recent ads, and it looks amazing!!! Things I like about Genus Project: easy to modify shape, lots of skins available, options on HUD to adjust makeup opacity and colors, and I like how it looks on me. Things I don’t like: the HUD is confusing, there are two separate HUDs for settings and animations, animations are ugly (ugly is subjective, so I’ll say it’s not as great as LeLutka), no built-in eye control, no easy way to clear all makeups, no way to save looks unless I am missing it.

It would be more fun to change mesh heads if the price of obtaining a mesh head wasn’t so expensive! I didn’t think that Classic and Baby are all that much different, so I wish there were some type of discount like… buy one head, get additional ones for half price.

The Genus Project mesh head costs $5,500L. Kavar gifted me the Classic face, which I love! Then I found out that all of the skins made are for Baby! For the sake of wearing this Delina skin made by Pink Fuel, I also bought the Baby face. The skins made for Baby and Classic are not interchangeable. I found that the eyes and lips area don’t fit if the skin is not made for that particular head. So when you’re demoing skins, take note which head it is made for…. otherwise you’ll end up with lots of frustrations when modifying a shape for it.

Overall, I do recommend the Genus Project mesh heads. Change is refreshing. Change is fun. If Genus Project keeps improving their HUD and scripting, they will become one of my favorites, and perhaps yours too?

New Face

What I’m Wearing:
Genus Project – Baby Face
Pink Fuel – Delina (Fawn)
Exile – Tara
Teefy – Lia Dress (Gingham)
Ingenue – Anna Heels

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