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Dya’s Southern Twilight

Dya's Southern Twilight

Hello from The Big Easy! Dya’s Southern Twilight is a photogenic New Orleans inspired region.

For my outfit today, I am pairing the newly released Malika Bralet & Willow Mixed Jacket from The Secret Store with an older release, the Elaine Scallop Shorts. A few weeks ago, I was watching Maylee Oh on Twitch live-stream creating this jacket, and now I’m wearing it! Maylee is a multi-talented creator, not only does she create beautiful outfits in Second Life, but she’s also a prolific artist in real life.

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Hello from Sundarban!

Today I’m taking my Genus Baby mesh head out for a spin. Back in April, I blogged the Delina skin from Pink Fuel with Genus Baby mesh head. I tweaked my shape and now I like the head more. Pink Fuel just released the Delina skin in more skin tones, yay! I also made a shape for Genus baby, check it out on Marketplace.

I wish Genus would update their HUD, cos it’s definitely not well-designed and still lack essential features. Compared to other mesh heads, how do you rank the Genus HUDs? Which brand, in your opinion, has the best HUD?


What I’m Wearing:
Genus Project – Baby Face
Pink Fuel – Delina (Biscuit)
Exile – Blur the Line (Blondes)
The Secret Store – Riley Mixed Jacket, Lina Mini Shorts
Ingenue – Dorrit Sandals



Now that I have assigned caregivers for my baby, it’s time to lounge in this gorgeous new release from The Secret Store. I’m wearing the Fawn Bodysuit & Cleo Lacey Vest, both available at Collabor88. I found the perfect wavy hair to go with this chill boho look, it’s the Avalon style from Exile.


What I’m Wearing:

  • Exile – Avalon hair
  • Pink Fuel – Kiera
  • The Secret Store – Cleo Lacey Vest, Fawn Bodysuit @ Collabor88
  • Ingenue – Dale Heels @ Collabor88

Decorating Linden Home | Cheeky Pea, What Next

Decorating Linden Home

Hello virtual neighbors! I have decided to decorate the inside of my Linden home. At first I had planned on using all of the prims outside, for landscaping and exterior decor, but after seeing other residents using their 351 prims wisely, I realized that I wasn’t being efficient. I am still using nearly 200 prims outside, but as I decorate the rooms in my home, I will remove landscaping and replace high-prim items with lower prim ones.

Every home needs a nice living room, it’s usually the first thing people see. I love the Vida Sofa Set from Cheeky Pea. The set includes a texture HUD to change the colors of the sofa & pillows (8 presets), so it would work with lots of interior styles. The entire set is only 46 land impact! (Does anyone know the difference between li and prims?) I aim to use only 50 prims for each room, so I can decorate all the rooms in my home. I added a planter and a few knick-knacks on the shelf, and this room is complete.

Decorating Linden Home
Low-prim living, at it’s finest!
Decorating Linden Home
Everything here is 21 li!

For my foyer area, I am using the Bailey Lounge Chairs, Side Table & Decor set from What Next. Everything includes texture-change options; this set is so versatile! What Next is my go-to home decor brand, it has really sweet styles with nice textures.

My decorating skills are quite low in SL. I don’t like clutter, and I also can’t remember all the things that are in my inventory. This however, works out perfectly in a Linden home. For the sake of being able to rez things quickly, let’s not overload our homes!

After I arranged my decor, I had to do a fresh re-install of Second Life cos my textures kept refreshing constantly. It was a nightmare! I know my computer is quite old (if I tell you how old it is, you will be shocked – hint: it’s almost as old as my blog), but I can usually rez just fine on private sims. I blame my neighbors for this! Being on a shared public sim is difficult, especially with everyone trying to decorate their homes to the brim.

After I did my re-install of Second Life, things were a little better. I decided NOT to adjust the debug settings. Back in the day, it was recommended to adjust rendervolumelodfactor and some other things, to get mesh to render correctly and not be a blob. I’ve been thinking about it, and we have come a long way since the early mesh days. Creators need to optimize their stuff, cos most SL residents don’t even know about the Advanced menu. If I have to adjust debug settings for your things to render correctly, then I do not want them. So my SL experience going forward, will just be whatever the default settings are.

Decorating Linden Home

I just found this outfit from The Secret Store in my inventory, that’s how much of a wreck my inventory is right now. I love it! The reason I’m wearing this teal color is cos my new sofa also comes in this exact shade!! If you ever wanted to match your furniture, here’s your chance.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Pink Fuel – Kiera (Biscuit) for LeLutka
  • Truth – Surrender
  • The Secret Store – Fiona Belted Skirt, Samantha Blazer
  • Ingenue – Anna Heels
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