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Pepe Skins – Mocha

Left: Pepe Skins – Mocha skin | Right: with tattoo layers

Whenever I see a Second Life skin advertisement, I always think, “But does it really look like that?” I stumbled upon Pepe Skins recently and after trying on a dozen or so faces, I selected one that I thought looked very sweet and definitely something I could wear.

I’m wearing the Mocha skin from Pepe Skins here, along with the body skin. The skin is created for LeLutka EvoX, and includes Brows or No brows available in just one color. This skin brand doesn’t offer much with the skin, unlike other brands where you can get at least a few brow colors and some makeup. I found the neck shading too heavy/reddish tone and overall the body skin is just grainy but I chose to wear it here cos I couldn’t make it work with my usual body skin and neck fade layers. But overall, the faces on Pepe Skins are all very pretty. They also participate in weekend sales so you can get a cheap skin to try out!

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Voguel Skin


Are you into hyper-realistic skins in Second Life? I normally wear smooth skins without imperfections, but then I visited Voguel and found a new skin that’s just adorable, even with pores and freckles! The imperfections really adds character, and it’s not too much, it’s still very soft and pretty. I’m wearing the Voguel Mia skin in Chantilly 2 skin tone. This tone matches well with a Pink Fuel body skin, or you can wear Velour (but I have not found a Velour skin tone that I like yet).

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Spring Clean My Inventory

Spring Clean My Inventory

Hello to new beginnings! I rented a sweet seaside cottage in New Haven, so I guess you could say Gogo is a resident of New Haven, Maine now. I’ve always wanted to move to Maine, to be closer to one of my favorite authors. Can you guess who that is?

New Haven is a roleplay estate with commercial and residential rentals for all budgets. You can even just rent a boat slip, horse stall, or hotel room for as little as L$100/week. This is a roleplaying community if you want to roleplay, but if you just want a nice place to take photos, you can do that too.

From what I’ve seen, New Haven is always full, so if you’d like to rent a home, just sign up for the waitlist! That’s how I got my current place. I signed up months ago, and it just recently became available.

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