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Magic Shop

Magic Shop

I’m currently embracing my Victorian era aesthetic. The Rejoice dress by Toksik is absolutely stunning! I’m on the lookout for more intricate outfits in Second Life that offer built-in layers and customizable options, as casual wear has become quite mundane. My avatar resides in the Victorian town of Aurelias, and to blend in, I chose a color palette of navy, black, and a touch of baby blue for my outfit. I opted for the fatpack of this outfit, so expect to see me in various shades of pastels and whites in the future.

I was genuinely upset when Toksik closed their Flickr account. I have a preference for following all my favorite brands on a single platform, and Flickr is it. I’m reluctant to follow brands on other social platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram as they don’t serve my purpose for brand engagement or building a shopping list. Flickr is crucial for connecting with brands, especially for someone like me who blogs about their outfits, promoting them in the process. It would be beneficial for Toksik to consider returning to Flickr, as numerous brands that have left tend to return upon realizing the adverse impact on their customer base. Flickr maintains a robust presence within the Second Life community, notably among bloggers and photographers who help drive sales.

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