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Hello from Zepeto world! This mobile virtual world is created by Naver, a South Korean company, and is immensely popular with over 300 million users. I had never heard of it before until a few days ago when I saw Truth Hawks promoted his brand Super Fun in Zepeto. You can now dress your avatar in even more Truth stuff in other worlds!

Gogo in Zepeto
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I decided to try Zepeto, and in just a few minutes, I had a cute avatar that looks like Gogo. Within 24 hours, I had invited several Second Life friends to join, taken photos, made videos, and even set up a social media account like Instagram.

One of my favorite things about Zepeto is that I can pose with friends even when they aren’t there. Zepeto has these things called Express with booths, which are pre-made templates for videos and photos that come with music and poses. You can go into a booth, add members (yourself and your friends), take a photo or video, and either upload it to your feed or download it to share it somewhere else. This only takes a few seconds, which is why I like Zepeto so much.

It’s like a mini-version of Second Life for your phone, and they do so many things right that I can see a lot of Second Life users and people who just like fun dress-up games playing this.

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