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Hello! I am at the Amazon River, it was on the SL Destination Guide so I thought it might be pretty cool to visit. It was alright – a bit underwhelming cos of the default library plants (you can see some of it in my background). I’ve seen better jungle river sims and fewer naked avatars running around.

My outfit today is really laid back and inspired by the sea. I’m wearing a new Julia jewelry set from Donna Flora. Designed and created by Squinternet before she passed away. I feel really sad knowing that new Donna Flora releases are unlikely, but happy that she had a few surprises left in her inventory. You can get the jewelry set at Fashion for Life. Did you know that your support keeps the Donna Flora sim online? Buy jewelry for yourself. Gift jewelry to your friends.


What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Exile – Perfect Promise
Teefy – Gianna Off Shoulder Top (S) Anchor
Teefy – Layla Wrapped Skirt (S) Sky
Ingenue – Lola Heels (Sand Stripe)
Donna Flora – Julia (Necklace, Earrings, Ring)

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  1. Charolotte Caxton

    Very pretty.

  2. yt

    I was disappointed to see your comments about the Amazon River in your recent blog post. You might wish to correct your comment that we use “default library plants” as most people will recognise that the trees featured in your photo are in fact the mesh Ficus created by Organica, the plants are Alesta Bush by Sun Fairlady, mesh lily pads by Sweety Enzo and the mesh Garden reeds from Xedos Bode. There is one Linden library plant on the island in the background of your picture.

    In building the sim we were careful to use mesh plants from leading vendors – this reduces lag and and provides a better overall experience for visitors. A lot of care and thought has gone in to the design and build of the three Amazon River regions to ensure a fast-loading and visually pleasing environment – which no doubt was why we were chosen as an Editor’s Pick. I would be grateful if you would correct your article as it gives a very misleading impression.

    As for your comment about naked visitors – well it is an adult sim and as much as we tolerate and respect the rules and dress codes on mature and pg rated regions, we expect the same level of tolerance from our visitors on an adult rated region. You do not like naked? then do not visit adult.

    • gogo

      Hello there! My apologies about the naked avatar comment, my friend also informed me today that it is an Adult RP sim, but in a rush to visit I did not read the land info or knew this when I wrote my post. I’ve included the link in my post so people can visit your sim.

  3. yt

    Right. You rushed into the region. Had you taken your time, you would have discovered its beauty. But so, you rather decided to pick on “linden Library plants” (which are not bad btw) and depict our regions with your “naked” comment in a way that does not do justice. As much as you like your blog and fashion posts, others like to create environments – where you, in the end also profit from, as it is us landscapers that make scenery that you use as backdrop. The least we can ask for is that then you either take your time and appreciate our work – or do not visit. Further blog entries i recommend to be done with more care and professionalism. About our regions or any other region on the grid. Because “rushing in” (your words) and then trashing the regions – speaks more about you than about the region. I am sure you understand my point.

    • Alexxandra Sorbet

      I went to visit the sim, and I don’t agree with what Gogo says at all. I think it’s a very beautiful place, and I do agree that she should have taken her time to explore the sim and see it in all its beauty, and not just snap a picture in a simple windlight and position that does not make the sim justice at all.

    • Trevor Jones

      I agree – the Amazon is one of the best set of regions I have seen in SL – beautifully landscaped and laid out. It must be very frustrating for talented landscapers to see their hard work dismissed in such a perfunctory and badly-informed manner.

    • Claire Soderstrom

      Sugar, your sim is TOTALLY stunning, haters gonna hate etc

      • gogo

        a single comment isn’t being a hater, i never went back, underwhelmed.

  4. Scottish

    I agree with all the above comments, the Amazon river is stunning and Gogo is stirring. But then, that’s the purpose of the blog, isn’t it? rofl

    • gogo

      Thank you for your awesome comment. I’ve only said that I’ve seen better, such an insult.. burn me. LOL.

  5. The Blogging Elf

    The sim shows little eye for detail and looks very repetitive. The landscaper often didn’t even take the ‘care’ to at least turn around the ever same 2-3 kinds of trees used all over the sims some, instead a vast majority points into the same direction. Underwhelmed as well. Seen better homesteads.

  6. Scottish

    Burn you? That doesn’t even mean anything to me. Just have a think next time you want to blog something you don’t know anything about. Oh wait.

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