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Afternoon Stroll

Afternoon Stroll

Hello from Aurelias! I’m still living out my Bridgerton dreams in Second Life. This particular look is so stunning that I’ve saved it as my default outfit. This way, I can effortlessly switch from my everyday casual look to this elegant Victorian attire with just a click.

Over the weekend, I attempted to do some shopping but came up empty-handed. My current fashion mood is all about Victorian elegance, and nothing I found quite matched that vibe.

Curiously, I decided to give the Second Life mobile app another try. The app is now available to Premium and Premium Plus members. While it’s handy for logging in and chatting with friends, I found that navigating and performing any actions within Second Life remains a significant challenge. Movement is clunky, and rendering continues to be a nightmare. It’s clear that developers are making strides, but I can’t help but wonder how long this app will linger in beta.

The mobile app, in its current state, is unlikely to attract new users. New residents would find themselves better off downloading the viewer and logging in that way. The app’s limitations also mean it doesn’t quite hit the mark for existing residents either. Access to inventory and the ability to change outfits are crucial features that are sorely missed.

So, while it’s a step in an exciting direction, the Second Life mobile app still has a long journey ahead before it becomes a viable option for both new and seasoned residents.

Afternoon Stroll
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Happy Birthday, Second Life! SL21B


I had a blast attending the town hall events at SL21B last week! This year, the auditorium, aptly named the Aquatorium, was hands down my favorite build. With its stunning PBR texturing, everything looked shiny and beautiful. Although I only attended the town halls and skipped other events, it felt like there was a lack of promotion from Linden Lab for SL21B.

Remember last year? Someone won a car and other amazing prizes. It would have been great to see something similar this year.

SecondLifetime Premium and Premium Plus

If you missed the chance to buy a SecondLifetime Premium or Premium Plus account last year, it’s back! While the Lifetime Premium Plus is sold out, you can still grab a Lifetime Premium or upgrade to Plus if you’re already a Lifetime Premium member. The price might be a bit of a sticker shock, but considering Second Life’s longevity, it’s a worthwhile investment.

I’m hopeful that SL22B will bring a contest to win some cool Second Life swag or something equally exciting to jazz things up.

Did you go to any SL21B events? Let me know in the comments!

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Time Traveler

Time Traveler
Photo taken at Aurelias

I absolutely love experimenting with Second Life skins and treat myself to a new one every month. Even when I’m perfectly content with my current look, a good deal will catch my eye and I just can’t resist. Take this new Aisha skin from Tutti Belli for instance—it’s only L$99 for a limited time! However, I’m a bit hesitant because their Flickr account recently got deleted. It was working just yesterday, which makes this all the more frustrating.

This isn’t Flickr’s fault, though. The brand clearly violated the ‘no commercial activity on a free account’ terms of service agreement. If none of us invested in Flickr Pro, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to share blog posts on Flickr or inform you where to purchase the items featured in my photos.

It’s disappointing when long-time favorite brands abruptly leave a platform, unless it was a genuine mistake. I sincerely hope that’s not the case. Typically, when I do blog credits, I search the brand name plus ‘Flickr’ on Google to directly link to their items. Without a searchable and universally accessible link, sharing becomes quite pointless.

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Buddha Garden

Buddha Garden

Hello from the serene Buddha Garden! I discovered this gem through the Destination Guide, an excellent resource for finding picturesque spots and experimenting with EEP settings.

I was pleasantly surprised by how tranquil and well-designed this homestead region is. They’ve kept things simple due to prim limitations, but this simplicity enhances its charm. As a long-time admirer of Second Life water, being surrounded by it here is a dream come true.

The default EEP settings in this region were quite dark, so I created a new one specifically for my photos. Interestingly, I didn’t plan on making an EEP or shooting a short video, but I was inspired to capture the stunning new Second Life skies in a PBR viewer.

Adjusting to PBR has been a challenge, but I’m coping better by fully embracing the PBR viewer. By doing so, I avoid making constant comparisons with the old viewer’s water. Surprisingly, I’m starting to miss the beautiful pre-PBR water a little less each day.

Sometimes, diving in headfirst is the best approach to adapt to a drastic change.

My photos are straight from Second Life with very minimal edits—just a bit of blurring and cropping.

Buddha Garden
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My favorite SL21B Shop & Hop gifts


I’ve been taking full advantage of the ISON 40% sale before it ended and indulging in some weekend sales too. One of the treasures I picked up is the gorgeous Alayna Silk Shirt from ISON, and I couldn’t resist getting it in all the colors. It’s simply stunning! I also grabbed these adorable Fluffy Kitty Ears headband from Litterbug at Truth’s store. They add a sweet touch to any outfit.

Lately, I’ve been creating a bunch of bright EEPs (Environment Enhancement Project) for my blog. I like adding shadows, even though most Second Life residents aren’t fans of them on their faces. For me, shadows cast by the sun in studio lighting really make the fabric of the Alayna Silk Shirt stand out, even if it doesn’t feature any PBR textures.

Moon Amore

During my visit to Shop & Hop, I picked up an amazing gift from Moon Amore. The Bride’s Dream Gown I found is perfect for fantasy or royal cosplay themes, like something straight out of Bridgerton.

Moon Amore

For the past few years, I’ve made it a point to pick up the AO gift from BodyLanguage SLC. There are always a few great poses to mix into my regular AO. This year’s entire AO impressed me; it has all the basics you need to avoid standing like a noob. It’s perfect for your main avatar and great for alts too!

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Independence Day

Independence Day

Hello from the 4th of July Block Party! This delightful mainland parcel may be small, but it packs a punch with its many photogenic spots. When it comes to Summer holidays, gingham print always springs to mind, reminiscent of a classic picnic blanket.

To celebrate the Fourth of July, I’m rocking this Spring Tied Halter top from Fashionably Dead. To complete the ensemble, I’ve added the Blair Headband (4th of July print) from Sparkle Skye. Both of these items are part of the weekend sale at their main store, so grab them while you can!

Independence Day

Since transitioning to using a PBR viewer full-time, I’ve been tweaking the colors of my skin and body. I previously wore a body skin from Not Found but have since switched back to The Skinnery. The Luna body skin from The Skinnery is stunning, offering a myriad of options. I’ve reviewed it before, and was thrilled when they released the fabulous Body Bundle—it addresses several of my personal preferences, prompting me to give the body another go. Now, if only skin designers could offer face skins with neck options or none at all, it would make blending with our body skin choices so much easier.

Body Skin
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JuicyBomb – Day Cycle EEP Settings

JuicyBomb - Day Cycle EEP Settings [PBR Ready]
Buy on Marketplace: JuicyBomb – Day Cycle EEP Settings [PBR Ready]

What’s Second Life like post-PBR? It’s darker, it’s brighter, it’s more saturated—honestly, it’s so confusing! To help cope with these wild lighting changes, I created a Day Cycle complete with sky and water presets. You can apply this day cycle to your land, or even to your avatar, taking it with you wherever you go.

I have a lot of waterfront homes, and the water is completely wrecked by PBR. However, it’s a little more tolerable when you apply my day cycle, bringing back some of that nice, blue, shimmery water we all love. I aimed not to make it too bright, as this is a neutral day cycle. But don’t worry, I have plans for more vibrant day cycles in the future!

JuicyBomb - Day Cycle EEP Settings [PBR Ready]
JuicyBomb - Day Cycle EEP Settings [PBR Ready]
JuicyBomb - Day Cycle EEP Settings [PBR Ready]

And guess what? I made a video to showcase it all! I even generated the custom music and song with the help of AI. I hope you enjoy it, and thank you so much for your kind words! If you have any lighting requests, just let me know in the comments.

Buy on Marketplace: JuicyBomb – Day Cycle EEP Settings



It was time for Gogo to get a fresh new portrait to celebrate the new PBR lighting in Second Life! The last time I changed my profile photo was 4 years ago. Despite taking selfies all the time, I rarely think a photo is good enough for a profile update. Hopefully, this one will last for the next four years!

My friend Sparkle has crafted the most darling Emily Pearl Headband set. You can snag it at her main store on Sparkle Skye. Right now, it’s 50% off the fatpack, and there’s a special discount pack for the weekend sale. It pairs beautifully with the new Destiny hairstyle from Doux—a match made in virtual heaven!


These photos were taken at my Linden Home using the JuicyBomb – Country Skies EEP Settings. Even though I made these settings pre-PBR, the viewer automatically adjusts the lighting—it’s fantastic that they still work so well for photography. If you have this pack, you can easily tweak the lighting to suit your needs.

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PrimFeed, another Second Life Social Media site

PrimFeed, another Second Life Social Media site

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of buzz lately around PrimFeed, which is touted as a Flickr alternative specifically for Second Life residents, created by a fellow resident. Interestingly, PrimFeed isn’t the only social media site exclusively for Second Life, despite such claims. Personally, I don’t use any of these Second Life-specific platforms because I prefer to share my Second Life photos and blog with the entire internet.

Why Some Second Life Residents are Upset with Flickr

The primary reasons that some residents are frustrated with Flickr often boil down to two things:

  1. They aren’t PRO users and face limitations.
  2. Frequent Terms of Service (TOS) violations, such as posting adult content and not properly moderating it, or engaging in commercial activities on a free account results the account being deleted.

Flickr offers a free option that lets users host up to 1,000 photos, provided they adhere to specific restrictions. On the other hand, PrimFeed permits adult and commercial content on free accounts but limits file sizes to 1500×1500 pixels. I believe free account limitations are justified due to the operational costs of such platforms, and I’m willing to pay for a service as long as it meets my needs.

My Take on Flickr vs. PrimFeed

I’m not dissatisfied with Flickr nor am I seeking an alternative. Since signing up as a PRO member in 2007, I’ve found Flickr to be the best photo hosting service for Second Life brands and bloggers. For under $60 USD a year, I enjoy unlimited photo and video storage and the ability to embed these media into my blog seamlessly.

First Impressions of PrimFeed

PrimFeed strikes me more as a social media platform, akin to a streamlined version of X (formerly Twitter), rather than a robust image hosting site like Flickr. It offers social features but lacks the comprehensive photo hosting capabilities that Flickr provides.

In my opinion, PrimFeed is not a replacement for Flickr. It’s more of a pared-down social media platform that may or may not gain traction. Without enough paying subscribers, its sustainability is questionable due to the costs associated with hosting and bandwidth.

Here are the essential features missing from PrimFeed:

  • No viewing without a PrimFeed account and are signed in
  • No high quality image format, everything is converted/compressed to .webp
  • No favorites tab, makes it hard to revisit images I liked
  • No search, can’t find anything I’m looking for
  • No direct messaging/private messaging
  • No views count
  • No dates on gallery images
  • No groups
  • No albums
  • No tagging other people
  • No tags
  • No sharing outside of PrimFeed
  • No private photo settings
  • No embed code for your blog
  • No clickable profile links
  • No videos
  • No notifications to email
  • No custom URL/ability to change url
  • No stats who liked/shared/viewed?
  • No editing tools/batch editing for photos
  • No automatic account deletion (must send a notecard and wait 72 hours)

Is PrimFeed a reasonable replacement for Twitter? Absolutely. It’s designed to look and feel just like Twitter, ensuring you’ll feel right at home. Plus, you won’t have to deal with annoying real-life ads and irrelevant content cluttering your feed. When you evaluate PrimFeed as an alternative to Twitter, you’ll find it much more appealing.

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Summer in the City

Summer in the City

Good morning from the beautiful City of Portofino!

The latest round of the Anthology event has just opened, brimming with summery delights! There are so many tempting accessories and makeups this time around. I couldn’t resist dashing straight for the Asuna Sunglasses from BONDI and the Tifa Sandals from C’est La Vie. Make sure to check out the shopping guide on Seraphim.

For today’s look, I’ve paired my Anthology treasures with the stylish Sonya Sweater & Top from Tetra. Tetra always delivers immaculate creations, so I typically don’t scrutinize the mesh quality. However, this time I noticed a few issues—the back of the sweater wasn’t rigged quite right, with some odd breaks around the back and arms in standard poses. This is a good reminder that, no matter how much you trust a brand, it’s always wise to demo and inspect an item from every angle.

All the photos in this post were taken using a PBR viewer with minimal editing. I simply cropped the images and added a subtle blur to the background. With the current conversation around overly processed SL photos, fueled by AI enhancements, I prefer to keep my editing minimal. Due to time constraints, I spend only a minute or two on each photo, primarily focusing on cropping and saving the file.

Happy shopping and enjoy the summer vibes!

Summer in the City
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