Linden Homes; New Houseboats styles
Dock Holiday

New Houseboats styles have landed on Bellisseria! This update brings the choices of houseboats up-to-date, which was long overdue. All the new houseboats have new colors on the outside and a new color HUD system for the walls inside.

The new Linden Homes Houseboat styles are:

  • Dock Holiday (my favorite, very cute)
  • Jolly Roger (huge, ugly floor texture on the roof)
  • Knot Shore (kind of cute, lots of windows)
  • Shore Thing (a maze on the inside, ugly over-hang on the outside)

The older houseboats styles did not get the color HUD update, which is a shame. It’s clear that the Lindens have been paying attention to what residents do to their houseboats since the updates seem to be geared toward people who like to add more floors and rooms. I’ve never liked the look of big houseboats, so I’m not looking forward to being surrounded by the Jolly Roger model.

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