It has been a rollercoaster of emotions since Patch Linden announced the availability of SecondLifetime Premium! You can read all of the details here. It’s not cheap, whether you get a regular Premium account or a Plus account, so I’m not sure why Linden Lab felt it necessary to limit it to only 20 (Plus) accounts and 200 (Premium) accounts.

SecondLifetime Premium Plus sold out very quickly, even though the announcement occurred during working hours for most residents in North America, and during sleeping hours for residents in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. Almost everyone had no chance at getting Plus, except for the people that were live-watching Lab Gab and fast. My friend Sparkle scored one of twenty coveted lifetimes… so congratulations to everyone that got one! We’re all in the same boat now, waiting to see if Second Life will still be here in 7 years.

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