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Glam Affair Skin

Left: Glam Affair Skin – Feoui | Right: with BoM tattoos added

The new Feoui skin from Glam Affair Skin is one of the cleanest skin I’ve ever seen from the brand, it comes without heavy shading on the face (especially Glam’s signature one side of the nose is more shaded than the other side). I’m not a fan of that, but I get why some skin designers are doing it to give the face more depth or simulate shadows, but it’s so awkward in normal lighting. When I tried on this Feoui skin, I was pleasantly surprised it’s so clean! I still ended up adding a bunch of BoM layers to the face to remove blush, change eyelids, and and few touches to make it more Gogo.

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Truth Collective

Truth Collective x Faga – Loved hairstyle

Are you excited about the Truth Collective? This collaboration between Truth, Faga, and Wasabi, is the first of its kind on the grid. Faga and Wasabi joins the Truth brand to release hairstyles using Truth HUDs and textures. This is exciting news for all Truth hair fans to enjoy hairstyles from both of these creators, but still be able to wear their favorite Truth hair color.

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