Thanks to Miu Elfan for blogging this Kuri Style dress! It’s super cute, and will only be on sale for $1L until April 20th at midnight SLT.

What I’m Wearing: Kuri Style Piece52 Mini Dress (red) | Twinkleberry Earrings | Draconic Kiss – Mary Jane’s | Celestial Studios – Jooky Kitty | LicoLico – Black socks | Cake – Fragile Hair in pale Pink | Strawberry Pendant by Kanako Clip

Cuuuuute Strawberry Pendant by Kanako Clip. Don’t pass this up, it’s $1L!!!!!

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  1. I have looked everywhere for the strawberry necklace and cannot find it.DO you have the exact Lm for it? I LOVe fruit jewlery and clothes!

  2. Ooo I just grabbed the LM where I was standing, its kind of on a shelf with other boxes — really easy to miss! Glad you found it though, it’s worth the trouble 😛

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