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Monso, Amy Hair


Morphine Janick of Monso made this cute Amy hairstyle for faMESHed. The headband is scripted to change color, and is attached to the hair. I wish it was sold separately too, I adore this headband so much!

After The Shoe-Disaster at faMESHed happened, I was curious to see what this month’s line-up would look like, and there seems to be a good mix of everything. If you read the blog post linked, do you think add-on mesh products should be allowed at an event like faMESHed? For example, SLink shoes created for SLink’s mesh feet are an add-on product, cos you need to buy the feet to make it work.

Also, a BIG TEARFUL GOODBYE to Google Reader. You will be missed.

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  1. Crystal

    *big sigh* I hate reading about the crap that goes on between event coordinators and the creators. I read the blog you linked and I read the comments. Honestly, this hair is adorable and I wanted to log in and get it immediately…but after reading this…I think I’ll wait. Event coordinators need to understand that they are representing their event just as much as the creators. I spend REAL money when I buy stuff in SL (and I do spend a lot, sad to say).

    TDRF is still my favorite event. The Arcade is probably my second favorite. I don’t like drama and I would prefer that if it happens, they keep it behind the board room doors. Otherwise you risk affecting your brand (and faMESHed IS an event brand).

  2. Tracy Redangel

    Wow. So…if the shoes are made to fit the HORRIBLY UGLY default SL feet, then THOSE shoes can be allowed at Fameshed, but ORIGINAL shoes made to fit the Slink feet can’t? Because they’re “add-ons”?
    This is …STUPID.
    Yeah, I didn’t read all the back and forth deets of who-said-this-or-that because A) Just don’t care…and B) well…I just don’t care.
    What I DO care about are …what cute shoes can I buy? GOS, N-Core, and Slink are pretty much the three who have the easiest color matching. They all fantastic. I’ve bought, and will probably continue to buy from all three. But..the shoes I have been buying lately are for the Slink feet, because I don’t have to do ANYTHING but put them on. Not to mention, after the initial investment of the Slink feet and appliers, the shoes are less….around 300-400L a pop. GOS and N-Core shoes are gorgeous, and I will absolutely still buy their shoes because the designs are superb. But I think it’s fair to say when you wear the Slink feet with the appliers….they’re AMAZING even at the lowest graphics setting. They’re not going away. It’s ridiculous to think shoes created from Siddean’s ‘shoe last’ (all shoe designers/ makers in REAL LIFE use a shoe last to make shoes.) shouldn’t be considered original.

  3. Tracy Redangel

    And btw, Gogo, you look adorable. Sorry, didn’t mean for my comment to just be a rant N’ rave lol.

    • Gogo

      Hi Tracy! It’s all good 🙂 I love readers’ thoughts, cos sometimes I wonder if you guys feel the same way that I do. I agree with you, SLink add-on shoes are so worth the money, and often times, cheaper than a shoe w/ foot from other brands.

  4. Miss Kitty

    Wow… The add-on market is huge now! I would much prefer to buy a great looking add-on set of shoes for my slink feet than to purchase a whole set with the foot and shoe. I mean look how many cute nail sets you can have now, and are not just limited to the ones that come with the foot. Crazy that they don’t consider add-ons a real product. This kinda tarnishes my view of FaMESHed now. And I do purchase each month from the vendors. This was not something that needed to play out in public because I am sure I am not the only one now who doesn’t think my business is welcomed there now.

  5. Eliza Wrigglesworth

    I’m new to all of this drama, so I have this big question running through my mind.
    What does the creator of the SLink mesh feet think of the add-on shoes? Does she support it?
    If so, then I’m firmly on the pro add-ons side.
    If not, then I think I’m sitting right on the fence. It’s not like anyone’s copying her product, but adding a separate thing to something that’s already there. Like jewelry, only for our mesh feet.

    • Tracy Redangel

      Oh Siddean (of Slink) specifically made a model foot for creators so they COULD make shoes to fit her feet. It’s a win-win for her and creators, because people who will want those shoes will need to buy her feet, and people who have her feet are really loving all the great shoes 😀

  6. CronoCloud Creeggan

    Oh, how cute. I like how you’ve been playing with light brunette’s lately in addition to Truth’s Light Blonde 01 Swedish equivalent. But the lips! That Apple Red gloss! Where did you get it?

    • Gogo


  7. Marianne Little

    I must say that the only shoes without an ankle strap that really works is add-ons to Slink feet with appliers. I have spent endless time tinting feet, so the feet and appliers is well worth it. They are here and will not go away. It is sad for designers who feel they loose sales, but why not release kits like Slink did? The work and craftmanship on the add-on shoes is the same as for stand alone shoes. And both versions was offered for sale. A weak excuse to throw out a designer. As more designers sell add-ons, I can see me buying only add-ons. The first add-ons was a bit boring and didn’t really trigger my “must have!” reaction. Iw would be great if Redgrave offered add-ons, their style is so hot.

  8. JessamynSong

    Okay so, I’ve been kicking around sl for a long time and the attitude by Cracked baffles me. It’s true I think that both Eboni and Cracked behaved badly but to be honest I kind of feel on Eboni’s side. For one thing, if she is a fill in then most of the time she’s filling in at the last minute. She’s doing the event a favor not the other way around. Even though I don’t buy a lot of Hucci clothes, I certainly think of the brand as one where I can get well made, well executed items. (i’ve thought the price tags have inched up a bit but then again original mesh is hard to make)

    If she is doing the event a favor then so long as she is fitting the criteria of the event, i.e. original quality mesh items then I think she ought to be able to sell any damn thing she wants.

    I dislike FaMeshed as an event precisely because it offers nothing to the consumer OTHER than an opportunity to see new mesh items early. I think of it mainly as a Pre-Release and most times I don’t buy things there, I wait until the event is over and go to the individual stores. I seriously and sincerely think that all of the participants at the event would actually make more at the event if they offered a small discount, 20 percent off even would entice more visitors and more buyers.

    To be honest, slink feet are not my favorite mesh feet on the market but I do bless Siddean’s ability to see both the marketing opportunities inherent in offering developer kits (after all if I want to wear all the cute nail polishes people are making to go with slink nails and slink hands and slink feet then I have to buy the hands or feet first and that’s also TOTALLY my choice, no one is forcing the consumer to make the decision!) and also the fact that everybody wins when ugly old normal avatar feet are hidden. Side note that I also wish Siddean would make an ultra high but not tiptoe bare foot. I like really high heels sometimes and the medium just doesn’t always cut it on that front.

    I love all the add on shoes coming out because I have the feet and often times the add ons are significantly cheaper than if I bought shoes with feet instead. If they are offered at an event – for example Ingenue has offered some adorable add on shoes at the last couple of Colaborr88 at a very low 188L apiece – then again I win and the creator wins and slink wins. I get cute shoes. I remember the creator’s name and slink gets more feet sales. And not only that, I can be assured that 95 percent of the time, my feet perfectly match my skin with the click of a button. I just don’t see a downside.

    And I think that Cracked is making a giant mistake by making this decision, no matter what her intentions are in doing so. I, for one, am less likely to visit FaMeshed when I already know what creators I want to buy from that participate there any way.

    PS: not sure if Ingenue is participating this round of C88 but I do know that Hucci is and has some very cute add on wedges there (which I will be buying_ for slink feet.

  9. Iolanthe Greymoon

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve commented. I have short hair in RL so I tend to avoid it in SL, and I’ve only found a few short hairstyles that I really liked. I love love love this one! Thank you for pointing me to it!

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