LeLutka Mesh Head / Fleur

Have you ever felt that you needed a push to make a change? That push for me came on Friday night when I saw that LeLutka released the new Fleur head. It brightened my entire weekend, and I spent hours working on my new face. I try to recreate my face on many different heads, which isn’t impossible if you choose the same products (skin, eyes, etc.).

Making a new shape is something I enjoy doing, but I see many of my friends struggle with it. Even though I have a LeLutka evolution shape that I made for the Lake head before, it did NOT fit Fleur at all. The eyeballs popped out and the face looked like a deflated balloon. It almost turned me away from the head, but I decided to think of Fleur as a whole new ‘brand’, and went to work giving myself virtual plastic surgery. LOL!!

LeLutka Mesh Head / Fleur
Lara Hurley & Glam Affair skins

When I choose a new head, I always make sure I find the skin that I like to pair it with before spending hours making my shape & purchasing. Fleur just released less than 48 hours ago, so there are very few skins made specifically for Fleur. You may think that because a skin is labelled “for Lelutka BoM” or “for LeLutka Evolution” it would fit on ALL of the heads, but you would be very disappointed.

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