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Happy Friday, everyone in Second Life! I’m excited about this new set of poses I found. The Erin pose & anim pack from Goyo comes with cute headphones, perfect for enjoying music or snapping fun photos. What I appreciate most is that each pose has an animation, plus a flipped version. However, I did notice my fingers were not positioned perfectly in some poses, which made me tweak them using the poser in the Black Dragon viewer. It’s not my usual viewer, but it’s pretty useful for these adjustments.

Ever put on a skin and felt like it could use a bit more shine? I found this Highlighter set by Izzie’s that offers lots of options to add a nice glow to your skin. The skin that I’m wearing, Emery from Glam Affair, already looked good, but I couldn’t resist adding a bit more highlight to areas like the eyes, forehead, and the area just above the lip.

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LeLutka – Billie Mesh Head 4.0

LeLutka - Billie Mesh Head 4.0 in Second Life

Just when I’ve settled into a new face that I completely adore, LeLutka goes ahead and releases another one! At this rate, I’m embracing a slew of new faces each year—and falling in love with every one of them. LeLutka has launched two mesh heads, Billie for women and Aaron for men, at the Skin Fair, offering them at a 50% discount until the event wraps up on March 25th.

Now, let’s talk about the new Billie mesh head. To put it simply, it’s beautiful. The HUD has received an upgrade, adding more options to play with, and the most exciting addition for me is the introduction of two-layer options for the HD lips—something I have wanted for a long time! As usual, with LeLutka’s previous mesh heads, I had to adjust my shape to get the perfect fit for this new face.

LeLutka - Billie Mesh Head 4.0 in Second Life

Whenever I try on a new mesh head, I make it a point to test all the animations to see if the new expressions look good. I’m thrilled to report that Billie does not disappoint—the animations look fantastic, and somehow, they seem even better than my previous ones.

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Senra Update

Senra - Jamie

Last year, when I first tried on the Senra Jamie avatar, my impression was far from positive. It seemed like a regression, a relic not up to par with the advances in Second Life. Despite claims from the Senra defenders that these models aren’t trying to outshine the mesh avatars from Second Life’s creators, or that they are perfectly adequate for newbies, I wasn’t convinced. Surely, new residents are entitled the very best that Second Life has to offer.

Unaware that these avatars were still in their beta phase, I didn’t anticipate further improvements. However, with the announcement of a recent update to Senra, they piqued my interest enough to take a second look.

Slipping into the updated version of the Senra Jamie mesh head with last year’s shape, I noticed some changes. The mesh had a subtle overhaul—still not stunning, akin to sculpting a water balloon, but Jamie now looked marginally improved. The texture of the skin remains a low point, though; until the best skin designers on Second Life step in to upgrade Jamie, she’s doomed to be somewhat of a featureless form.

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Sunday Coffee Date


Hello from Second Life! I’m really loving my outfit today with its soft colors, and even better, I got it on sale! I’m all geared up for a laid-back coffee date.

I’m refreshing my wardrobe with Maitreya LaraX items, moving on from the old Lara model. I’m trying to shop smarter this time, knowing that these virtual clothing might not last forever as new bodies come out. Good news is, lots of LaraX clothes are up for grabs at low prices over the weekend, so reinventing your look doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Neve – Smart Top | with Alpha turned on (yes, I’m wearing a BOM bra underneath)

I’ve realized why I rarely wear pants here: many are too long and impossible to find shoes that fit without intersecting with the pants leg. But, Neve’s got these ankle-length Scale Pants on sale that solve that problem. They have a HUD that lets you change how long they are, choose different belt looks or just go without one. There’s a small thing though — the belt loop shadow stays even when you choose just the belt (without loop) option. Might be a little mistake?

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Pepe Skins
Pepe Skin – Delina V2 (Cake) skin with lots of tattoo makeup fixes

Wow, tattoo makeup layers are amazing! So I snagged Pepe Skins’ new Delina skin over the weekend for a sweet L$100 deal. This skin is incredibly gorgeous, and it hardly needed any tweaks on my part. Included with the skin is a neck blend that stretches down to the cleavage – not totally my thing, so I just used Velour’s no-cost body neck fix to seamlessly merge the face and body skins.

Let me tell you, layering can get tricky, but when you nail it, it feels like magic. It’s all about the right sequence and a bit of hue play to get that perfect match. Personally, I opt for a lighter base layer and then enrich it with deeper shades – it’s always easier to darken than to lighten.

Tattoo Makeup Layers:

  • Velour – Body Neckfix (Icy) Evo X
    (tinted to match body, free @ Velour store)
  • Glam Affair – Face Shadow 20%
    (included with some GA skins previously)
  • Glam Affair – Face Shadow (Ears) 20%
    (If you use the Face Shadow, use the ears layer too)
  • Amara Beauty – Amalia Lipstick Evo X (Nude)
    (to cover up the splotchy dark middle of the lips)
  • Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Eyeliner black A
  • Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – 04 blush / Contour Remover
  • Glam Affair – Rosie Brows Toner White
    (tinted brown)
  • Pepe Skins – Delina V2 / Cake NB
  • cheLLe – Powderpuff (Translucent 10)
    (tinted to match Pepe’s cake tone / tip: put this layer underneath all of the face tattoo layers so that it only tints the body)

The charm of adding tattoo layers for me is that I’ve collected them over time. I wouldn’t even consider purchasing a skin that required me to invest in a whole new set of layers to get it right. And for L$100? This skin is a steal, looking fab even bare.

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Fresh News

Little World

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day from the charming nooks of Little World in Second Life! This region brims with photographic opportunities amidst its urban landscape, and the intricate lighting effects add a magical touch.


Exciting news for all you Second Life fashion enthusiasts—Truth, the highly celebrated hair brand, has made a dazzling re-entry into the clothing scene! A little-known fact is that this isn’t his first clothing release. Truth was originally a clothing brand before becoming a hair brand, and even created a clothing brand called Alt in 2016. It’s quite nostalgic to look back at my blog post from nearly a decade ago and realize I’m still rocking the same Maitreya Lara. If it’s good, don’t change it!

Truth – Kingston Sweater, Kingston Joggers

I believe Truth’s foray into apparel exudes the same excellence and attention to detail as the hairstyles we all love. His latest offerings, the Kingston Sweater and Kingston Joggers, boast a spectrum of hues, from delicate pastels to subdued darks, catering to every palette. The cropped pants perfectly showcases your chosen footwear. Have you ever tried to find shoes that pairs well with long pants in Second Life without clipping? It’s impossible.

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Valentine’s Day festivities in Second Life are a joy, regardless of your virtual relationship status. As someone who’s happily hitched in the non-digital world, I’ve always roamed through this virtual landscape solo. Honestly, it’s never been an issue for me; I adore getting into the holiday spirit and dressing up for the occasion.

My exploration last year took me to the delightful Dunk & Hug a Linden & Mole Event, a first for me, and it was incredibly fun. Donned as a charming Victorian lady, I had such a wonderful time that I’m tempted to revive that persona for this year’s celebration. The allure of that period’s romantic charm is simply irresistible to me.

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Second Life Mobile App for IOS (Can you sit?)

Hello from the Second Life app on my iPhone 14 Pro! Welcome back to the second installment of our miniature video journey. An observant viewer commented about the portrait orientation on my last video, so I took the suggestion and filmed this video in landscape mode!

This time around, I’m wearing the complimentary Ballus Avatar Torley Tribute. Frankly, I was over the whole drab default avatar look but couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to splurge or spend ages customizing a new one.

I’ve gotten heaps of inquiries about the ability to sit on the mobile app. It’s a big deal! Whether it’s dancing with a partner on pose ball, chilling on some digital furniture, cruising in style, or engaging in more…intimate encounters, people just need to sit! So, I teleported to the Isle of View, plopped myself down on a pose ball, and after some trial and error, figured out how to get back on my feet. Slow walking is also in my skill set now, though that navigation wheel is still challenging.

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Second Life Mobile App for IOS (Private Alpha Test)

Greetings from the Second Life mobile app! Second Life is in the works to release a mobile app possibly within this year. The app will be accessible to both IOS and Android users. My experience on the iPhone 14 Pro has been quite smooth thus far. If you hold a Premium Plus membership, you’re eligible to be a part of the testing crew. Become a tester.

Currently, I’m checking out the features using my alt account since my primary account has the Premium Lifetime membership and the alpha testing is reserved for Premium Plus members. The mobile app’s functionalities are somewhat limited at the moment, but I’m hopeful that we’ll see it expand with more options soon.

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