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LeLutka Vivian Mesh Head

LeLutka - Vivian Mesh Head

I was not expecting to try another mesh head so soon after Ubon, but I could not resist trying on this LeLutka Vivian head at Skin Fair. This event opens on March 10th, but you can join the Juniper Events group to gain early access. I’m a blogger, so I gained entry through SL Bloggerati and was able to go a little earlier for the media preview. I really appreciate when events have early access groups for people that aren’t official bloggers. More events and brands should utilize media preview groups to get even more coverage.

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Winter Day

Winter Day

Hello from Aurelias! We launched the region around this time last year, so we’re very excited to celebrate our second winter. We’ve brought back the snow and the Christmas tree on the town square, and we’ve built a lot of cozy places for you to explore and enjoy all around the area. Come take a look!

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Linden Homes; New Houseboats styles

Linden Homes; New Houseboats styles
Dock Holiday

New Houseboats styles have landed on Bellisseria! This update brings the choices of houseboats up-to-date, which was long overdue. All the new houseboats have new colors on the outside and a new color HUD system for the walls inside.

The new Linden Homes Houseboat styles are:

  • Dock Holiday (my favorite, very cute)
  • Jolly Roger (huge, ugly floor texture on the roof)
  • Knot Shore (kind of cute, lots of windows)
  • Shore Thing (a maze on the inside, ugly over-hang on the outside)

The older houseboats styles did not get the color HUD update, which is a shame. It’s clear that the Lindens have been paying attention to what residents do to their houseboats since the updates seem to be geared toward people who like to add more floors and rooms. I’ve never liked the look of big houseboats, so I’m not looking forward to being surrounded by the Jolly Roger model.

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Gogo in Zepeto!

@ the BlackPink World

Hello from Zepeto world! This mobile virtual world is created by Naver, a South Korean company, and is immensely popular with over 300 million users. I had never heard of it before until a few days ago when I saw Truth Hawks promoted his brand Super Fun in Zepeto. You can now dress your avatar in even more Truth stuff in other worlds!

Gogo in Zepeto
Follow JuicyBomb on Zepeto!

I decided to try Zepeto, and in just a few minutes, I had a cute avatar that looks like Gogo. Within 24 hours, I had invited several Second Life friends to join, taken photos, made videos, and even set up a social media account like Instagram.

One of my favorite things about Zepeto is that I can pose with friends even when they aren’t there. Zepeto has these things called Express with booths, which are pre-made templates for videos and photos that come with music and poses. You can go into a booth, add members (yourself and your friends), take a photo or video, and either upload it to your feed or download it to share it somewhere else. This only takes a few seconds, which is why I like Zepeto so much.

It’s like a mini-version of Second Life for your phone, and they do so many things right that I can see a lot of Second Life users and people who just like fun dress-up games playing this.

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Bellisseria Trick or Treat 2022!

Bellisseria Trick-or-Treat 2022!
Trick or Treating with friends – Caroline, me, Hedy, Greg, and Fay!

It feels so good to finally get into the Top 10 in the Bellisseria Trick or Treat event! Last year, I came in Top 35, but I thought that if I had just gotten a few more candies, I would have been in the Top 10. So, my goal for this year was to try to collect all of the candies by going to all of the homes. I got 283 candies on the first day, and by day 7, I had 771. I found out that some of the top 10 winners only had 700 candies, so I could have stopped looking last week. I didn’t want to lose again, so I kept looking and looking until the very last hours last night! In the end, I had hundreds more than I needed to win but I still wasn’t sure I had won until Derrick Linden sent me the bears! <3

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Autumn in Aurelias

Autumn in Aurelias

Construction is underway at Aurelias! Our town is growing, and we’ve just finished building a lighthouse. I’m so excited about the arrival of autumn, my favorite season. We had hoped to launch the region last year about this time, but we didn’t make it in time for autumn. I’m so very excited for you to experience autumn in Aurelias, I think you’ll find it very cozy.

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Submit a ticket for a Linden Home!

My New Linden Home
Photo taken with JuicyBomb – Right Water EEP Settings (modified Better Day)

Look at this sweet new Linden Home I got by submitting a ticket! The process is so easy, even though rolling for one is fun too. I’ve acquired some of my favorite homes the regular way, by getting them on the Land Page. One of the perks of a Premium Plus membership is being able to submit a ticket for an available Linden Home. After I got my last Stilt Home, I said I was done. However, I noticed that all these fresh new stilts regions were named yesterday, so I submitted a ticket for one and it was delivered today. Thank you once again, to Whitney Linden! I picked this house because it’s situated on a peninsula and the back deck faces an unblockable ocean view. Pro tip! Avoid any regions that are on void edges, because the chances of them getting blocked are likely.

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Coastal Boating Community

Houseboat // Bellisseria

They say you can never go home again, except in Second Life, where you can! In late 2019, I had a houseboat for a short time before moving on to another shiny new theme. On a whim three years later, I rolled the same houseboat again! This time, instead of the Eveningstar, I chose a different model, the Wallower.

My feelings about houseboats have largely remained consistent over the last three years — they were one of my least favorite themes. I don’t have a houseboat very often because I don’t like the colors or the crowded feeling. But every now and then, I come across a location that I find so appealing that I end up staying for a while. This is true of my current houseboat.

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Updated JuicyBomb Rainbow EEP Settings

JuicyBomb - Rainbow EEP Settings

Psst.. rainbows for everyone! From now until September 1st, you can get a free copy of my popular Rainbow EEP settings at the Aurelias Rainy Cafe. It’s on the counter inside the cafe.

I’ve been wanting to update the pack to include N/S/E/W directions for the Cheery Day setting. Today I found out that Linden Lab is using the Cheery Day setting on the debug regions, so I decided to update the pack and give it away for a week. If you previously purchased this, you can get a FREE update on Marketplace.

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