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My favorites; Donna Flora

Donna Flora

While sorting my inventory today, I realized that I have lots and lots of Donna Flora jewelry! I love this brand so much, and even though Donna Flora has clothes, hair, and shoes, my favorite items are the beautiful jewelry sets.

I’ve decided to sort through my huge pile and make a collage of 10 of my favorite Donna Flora necklaces. It was hard to pick just 10, cos there’s soooo many more that are equally beautiful.

Donna Flora

I like Donna Flora cos every necklace is unique, and so realistic! Also, Valentine’s Day is next month, and I highly recommend Donna Flora if you’re looking for gifts for someone special. Everything is transferable 🙂

What about you? Where do you get your jewelry from? Make a collage of 10 jewelry pieces that you love from any single brand, or a mix of brands in SL! Blog about your favorite brand or make a collage, and submit it to the Blog Challenge group on Flickr. Be sure to share a link in the comments so I can check it out!

What a challenge!

Newbie Style Challenge II

Meet S, my alt on a budget. For this year’s Newbie Style Challenge II, I knew right away that I wanted to clone myself. I’m terrible at making alts that differs from Gogo, so I just went ahead and made Gogo on a budget.

Newbie Style Challenge II

I knew my biggest challenge would be finding a skin that I liked that also fits my budget. I didn’t want to spend more than $100L, but cheap and pretty skins, are hard to come by. Luckily, my friend Pumpkin sent me a skin tip about Pink Fuel reducing the price of the old Ember skins to $100L each! I’m already a Pink Fuel lover (Elly is my main skin now) so I went and snapped up the Ember skin for my alt. I added some red lipstick tattoo from Pekka ($120L) and also splurged on Redgrave lashes ($90L).

Newbie Style Challenge II

At The Dressing Room Blue, I found the Iona hairstyle from Exile for $60L (pack of 4 colors) and at The Fashion Garret, I found a pair of Mox Spore & Fawn shoes by Argyle Anonymous for $70L. I went with the old Dana 76 Jeans from Decoy for $100L (stole the idea from Sehra Kauffman), and spent $1L on eyes from Aphotic Gloom. At this point, I was pretty much out of money, so I remembered that Friday had a ton of freebies, and went to pick up the Basic White Cami ($0L) and added the Wide Scarf from Mr. Poet to complete the look (also $0L).

Before this challenge, I thought that there was an overabundance of discounts/sales events, but I’ve changed my mind about that. There may be a lot of them, but they’re all offering different stuff, so there’s something for everyone. For someone on a budget, these sales events are fun and also a way for them to add to their wardrobe without going b-r-o-k-e.

Now that the challenge is over for me, I can’t wait to turn my alt into a lil’ Gogo. Time to give her more money$!

What S is wearing:

Exile – Iona (TDR Blue) $60L
Pink Fuel – Ember (Honey) Pure $100L
Pekka – FLAVOUR Lipstick (Red) $120L
Redgrave – Eyelashes $90L
Aphotic Gloom – Clarus Eyes Collection (Watermelon) $1L
Decoy – Dana 76 Jeans (Dark) $100L
Mr.Poet – Wide Scarf (Free Gift) $0L
Argyle Anonymous – Mox Spore & Fawn TFG $70L
Friday – Basic.Cami (White) Freebie $0L

Total ——- $541L

What I’m Wearing:

Same skin, lashes, lipstick tattoo
Exile – Miu (Roots) Stefani
League – Vintage Lace Cardigan (Brown) Vintage Fair
League –  Full Lace Skirt Vintage Fair
Mon Tissu – Montsegur Pumps (Camel)

Newbie Style Challenge II

Newbie Style Challenge II

The original Newbie Style Challenge was a blast, so I’m bringing it baaaaaaack!!

This is Newbie Style Challenge II, the same rules apply but the spending limit has been raised to $550L (about $2.50US) cos we do want to encourage new players to spend some money and not rely entirely on freebies. I chose $550L cos that’s the minimum amount of Lindens that can be purchased via the BUY $L button in-world.

So here is the challenge SL, if you choose to accept it:

Can you make a nice avatar with little to no money?

This challenge starts now, November 4th, and ends on December 31st. If you do this challenge, please blog your look and leave a link in the comments of this post, or share your image to the Blog Challenge Flickr group with style credits so I can do a recap when it’s over.

Newbie Style Challenge II Guidelines

Things you can do:

  • You can use your existing shape (or give your alt your shape)
  • You can purchase freebies, dollarbies (or anything under $550L)
  • You can use group gifts, free gifts, hunt items, etc (you can use gifts from groups that are paid-to-join if the join fee is counted as part of the $550L total amount)
  • You can use it if you win it! (Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania)
  • All items must be acquired during the time of the challenge (you can’t use free items not currently available or in paid groups you’re already a member of)

Things you cannot do:

  • You cannot spend more than $550L
  • You cannot ask your designer friends to send you stuff (and if you’re a designer, you cannot use your own stuff unless it is FREE to everyone else too 😛)
  • You cannot use group gifts from groups that are paid-to-join (if the join fee exceeds $550L)
  • You cannot transfer inventory from your main to your alt
  • You cannot use anything in the library folders

Like last year, I will create a new alt for this challenge, so I don’t “cheat” or make a mistake and use items already in my inventory.

********USE AT YOUR OWN RISK********

A lot of people still want avatars with a last name, and I think most of the registration portals are gone, except there are still a few out there that has some last names available. I saw someone posted a link to this recently, and it worked for me.

Register for Second Life via the Virtual Library of Birmingham site

These last names are available:

  • Ashland
  • Coy
  • Deluxe
  • Highwater
  • Hurricane
  • Kroll
  • Lastchance
  • Lyric
  • Oodles
  • Spot
  • Thistle

Bubblegum Whatever


Truth – Cate | Lilia

Uh, I have a confession to make. I really love Pink hair but when I started blogging some other popular blogger (Jellybean Madison) wore Pink hair all the time, that was her signature look, so I decided to not wear it. Maybe I’ll start? MAYYYYYYYYYYBE.

This is my Bubblegum Weekends post, where is yours?

Truth releases two new hairstyles and the Cate hairstyle is just to diiiie for. It’s not coming off my head for awhile. <3

What I’m Wearing:

Magic Nook – Whatever Tee (Baby Blue)



I dressed myself backwards today. For some reason, I felt compelled to wear this Untied Tie from BOOM so I had to find clothing pieces that worked with this tie. I didn’t have a dress shirt (not that I can remember) so I paired it with a very old Itimo Leather Vest from Armidi and a Black & White Promise Lace Trim Bra, also from BOOM. Doesn’t this look remind you of a casino dealer?


Elikatira has new hair out at Collabor88 and it’s so very cute! For a long time, after Elika stopped releasing frequently for ETD, I stopped wearing ETD hair (and eventually deleted my entire collection) but now I look forward to every new Elikatira release.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/nolash (ltbrow)
Armidi Limited – Itimo Leather Vest (White)
BOOM – I Promise lace trim bra (Black and white)
BOOM – Untie Tie (Coal)
Tres Blah – Juju Jeans (Black)

Blog Challenge: a quiet place

a quiet place

Blog Challenge:

Take a picture of your favorite quiet place in SL and blog or post it to the Blog Challenge group on Flickr. This can be a place that you visit to clear your mind, to relax, talk with a friend, or be alone and enjoy the scenery.

I know a lot of us have quiet places on our skybox/work area — but please don’t just take a picture of your work area.

I don’t have a favorite quiet place, but I stumble upon so many lovely places in SL that is just so beautiful and so quiet that I want to stay there forever.

This challenge starts now, and ends whenever the next challenge is posted.

If you decide to do this, please leave your URL to your blog post or Flickr image in the comments of this post, so we can all check it out. Thanks!

Kiss Me

Truth hair

Truth – Tess | Luana | Marielle 2

I remembered to do Bubblegum Weekends this week! I’m wearing the “Hot Pink” hair color from Truth’s latest hairstyles. I’m not normally a choppy bangs type of girl, but I absolutely love this Marielle 2 hairstyle. These bangs are perfect, and they don’t interfere with my lashes (very important).

What I’m Wearing:

Tres Blah – Peek-a-boo Vneck (White)
undefined lilies – elephantastic (silver/06) necklace
cheLLe – Songstresss Sixpence tattoo coming soon!

Weekly Words Challenge: Elevate

Weekly Words Challenge: Elevate

Gidge made me do her Weekly Words Challenge, and this week’s word is Elevate. She said I could interpret it any way that I want to, so my idea of “Elevate” is lots and lots of balloons! This challenge was really fun for me, cos it really “elevated” my mood when I tinted the balloons behind me all different bright colors.

Weekly Words Challenge: Elevate

I’m also wearing Aranel’s Wings (Valentine’s Day Edition) from BOOM, just in case my balloons weren’t elevated enough.

C’mon everybody, let’s elev-a-a-a-ate!

If you want to do this week’s challenge, and also get a head start on next week’s — check out Gidge’s blog post for more info.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure (ltbrow)
Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Sheer Balm (Plink)
Elikatira – Wave (Blonde 05) NEW!
Mon Tissu – Lace Crop Top (White)
Mon Tissu – Gauzy Skirt (Egg Shell)
BOOM – Aranel’s Wings (Valentine’s Day Edition)
BOOM – I Promise Lace trim bra (lipstick and doll pink)

Chewed Bubblegum


I haven’t done a proper Bubblegum Weekends post in a while, so here we go! This hair style from Lamb is called Girlfriend in a Coma, and is available at Collabor88. I’m wearing the appropriately named, Chewed Bubble Gum color, which is perfect for Bubblegum Weekends!

You’ll also ind this Sedgwick Dress from Ingenue at Collabor88 in a few different bright colors. It comes with matching flats, but I went for a more sophisticated look, and paired it with some Pearl colored pumps from Elikatira.

I feel like my blog posts have been a lil’ bright lately…. but I’m in a bright bright mood. Enjoy your weekend, SL!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure (ltbrow)
Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Doll Gloss (Hot Pink)
Lamb – Girlfriend in a Coma (Chewed Bubble Gum)
Muse – Blanche Bracelet in Gold
Muse – Blanche Earrings in Gold
Ingenue – Sedgwick Dress (Cyan)
Elikatira – Move Pumps (Pearl)
The Sea Hole – Neon Lazer Cut Leather Purse (Jelly)

Blog Challenge: Derriere


I love to make random blog challenges, so here’s a new one for you guys!

I’ve noticed that lots of fashion photos in SL focuses on the front, but rarely ever the back side. Let’s show our derrieres some equal love! <3

Blog Challenge:

Take a picture that shows off your derriere (booty), and blog or post it to the Blog Challenge group on Flickr.

Your image can be clothed or nude, but the derriere should be the focus. Be creative! The image does not need to include text, but you can label it if you want to.

This challenge starts now, and ends whenever the next challenge is posted.

If you decide to do this, please leave your URL to your blog post or Flickr image in the comments of this post, so we can all check it out. Thanks!

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